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GOREAN Foundation

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This website is dedicate to those who have a homestone or those that want to earn one.

It is still under construction, of course, but will eventually contain data on the people, places, customs, flora and fauna of GOR - The Counter Earth.

Much of the material found here might be disturbing to those with faint heart. If your heart is weak, your psyche wounded, your sense of worth inadequate then GOR and its inhabitants is not the place for you. Go back Now!

For those who believe that they are strong enough to continue, We of GOR welcome you, We offer you bread, salt and fire.

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GOR is not EARTH although many things from Earth can be found there. If you are trying to "think" and "speak" like a Gorean, you could do worse than to study this volume. Encyclopedia of GOR

You are the Counteruser to this system

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