Tour of the Ship of Acquisition

As this group journeyed forth from their homestone seeking shelter from the storms, they came across a shiny vessel which had crashed into the hillside. The vessel had been stripped of all technology and only the shell remained. The main hall of the Ship of Acquisition has been filled with furs and low tables, a stone hearth was built at one end. Over the fire in the hearth, bosk is roast on a spit, and blackwine, kal-da, and sul paga simmer in kettles.

On the mantle over the hearth rests a set of slave bells, some wood carvings of dear friends, a shattered sword, and a key to a slave's collar. In the center of the hearth is an amethyst heart sitting beside a shimmering crystal rose. The heart and the crystal rose are to remind of what happens when the heart of a channel is torn and broken. We strive never to allow it to happen to the hearts of the sister channels #Ship-of-Acquisition and #HighCasteKeep.

Soft furs surround the hearth providing a place for slaves to wait to be called to serve. The shelves in the serving area are filled with mugs, goblets, and bowls of excellent craftsmanship. In the serving area, there are slave bowls and a pot of slave gruel for the slaves as well as a watering dish for them to drink from.

Being a Gorean gathering place, a sand pit with a whipping post has been set up. However, it should be noted that the post is normally used by the slaves in their dances, and is no longer used for whipping.

In a corner under a window are several tables. On one table is a yellow and red kaissa board ready for the beginning of a game. The other tables have blank scrolls and writing sticks and pens for those of the Caste of Scribes.

A spiral staircase leads up to another deck which has been rennovated to provide alcoves for our visitors. There are several private alcoves, equipped with ankle and wrist manacles, other toys which have been requested, and lined with soft larl furs. We also provide a larger alcove (#SOA_Alcoves, a temporary unregistered channel) which is also well-equipped and suitable for parties (open scening permitted). One of the rooms on the second floor is devoted to slave kennels (actual kennels) for the safe keeping of visiting slaves, or for Master's who wish to leave their slaves on the ship overnight, the usual and customary charge for rental of a kennel is one copper tarsk. The SOA Boardroom is also on the second floor and channel meetings are held there. There is a walkway with a railing open to the first floor main room, centering on the dance pit. Killertrees has also built a temwood ship's wheel and mounted it on the railing along with a horn and a bell for the kajira to amuse themselves with. There is also a large wooden floored area with submission furs for the slaves. A storage room contains the pleasure cages and other position/restriction cages and devices used in training kajira.

To the right of the main doors is a small doorway that leads out to a garden filled with flowers, vegetables, and herbs. The garden represents a hope for rebirth and healing as we grow. Currently being tended by Vhel`nth.

Sheltered by the ship is a pool, fed by springwater. There is also a grotto with a hot tub fed by warm mineral springs.

Killertrees has made a small works shop on the first floor as well. He has a small anvil on a chart when it is need for a collaring. He keeps a small stock of some of his works in the shop there, alone with serval tools for both his wood and metal working. Ask him sometime about making a special order for you.

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