1. 18 yes + in channel sorry no exceptions to be made
  2. SHIP-OF-ACQUISITION IS A NO KILL ZONE, no attacks or killings will be recognized or tolerated here...the attacker will be kick/banned from the channel
  3. You need to ask to whisper to a slave in channel unless it is your slave, or op business
  4. There will be no beating of slaves in channel, no whipping, raping, branding or verbal abuse of the slaves without the apprvoal of the ship's Ops...Please take that somewhere else
  5. Punishment is to be taken to a private room or alcoves not in open channel
  6. You may not be in porn channels and here as well...Please pick one or the other. This place does not trade pics or files. No Rape channels, No kiddy channels, No hard core sex channels and no crittersex.
  7. We ask that you show some respect to one another and note that some of the slaves in the channel are new and learning to serve, so some patience is needed.
  8. No advertising of other channels save for events like collarings, and contests.
  9. No flooding the channel with massive pop-ups.
  10. Any play with others, irregardless of status or station, must be concensual.
  11. Anyone disturbing a collaring or channel-wide discussion will be asked to keep it down and if that does not work you will be kick/banned.
  12. Attempting to move around bans will get you kicked that much faster
  13. Some play is encouraged, but remember that it must be with consent...If you are sleeping in channel and are not set AFK or something to that effect you are subject to playful pranks with no retribution.. The code of the silks will be honored here.
  14. Light scening is fine...petting, touching, kissing, feeling up...but NO penetrations (take that to the alcoves)

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