amberlight{SoA} Receives her Ship-of-Acquisition Collar

January 8, 1998

ambergina says: Master KT?
Killertrees says: yes ambergina
ambergina says: may this girl please come kneel by you? this one has something she wishes to do
Killertrees says: yes you may child...
ambergina smiles and rises from the furs eyes lowered in respect and submission and quickly pads over to Master KT and kneels before him
ambergina says: this one has something she would like ask of you Master KT...
Killertrees smiles to ambergina as she kneel before him and pats ambergina on the head lightly
ambergina assumes karta before Master KT, bending forward at the waist and placing her head to the floor, her arms out to her side palms down on the floor
Kaan^ pauses to notice the grace of ambergina
Killertrees smiles and looks to ambergina awaiting her words. .
TreeHawk leans back
ambergina says: Master KT this one begs you for the ships collar and hopes in her heart that you find her worthy enough to place it upon her slave neck, she will do her best to always bring honor to this Ship and to the Masters here and hopes one day to be as graceful and devoted as her lovely sisters are
Kaan^ listens intently with the apparent stillness of the lag
tyki{KTs} smiles brightly at ambergina...knowing this is not a decision the girl has made lightly
ambergina keeping very still, barely taking a breath as she awaits his answer
Killertrees smiles to ambergina and then nods.. "you may now kneel up girl so I might look on you slave" he reaches into his pack and pulls out a ship collar to show her first...
Killertrees holds out a brass collar with 7 bight red rubies place in it in equal spaces. On the front is a gold name plate with the following written into it.. "Property of #Ship-of-Acquisition". There is a small hole under the name plate for the key for the ship's collar to be placed into. On the name plate there is a single piece of black onyx with a diamond embedded into it.
TreeHawk watches ambergina
Killertrees says: Girl a slave of this ship will receive training from tygrpet and tyki.. you first duties is to serve here.. you may then get permission to travel but this is your home and your keeps are here.. do you understand this girl
ambergina gracefully rises herself into the tower position, thighs slightly parted and head held high, eyes lowered in respect and submission, her palms placed on her thighs facing down
Killertrees says: as you are white silks now you will remain whites silks in the ship child .. you and your trainers will talk if you ever want out of white but you will remain white silks until then
ambergina says: yes Master KT this one understands
Kaan^ smiles
ambergina her heart quickly filling with joy as she sees the Ships collar in Master KT's hands
tyki{KTs} smiles as she watches her Master standing over ambergina...her fingers reaching up to caress the collar around her own neck
Killertrees take the collar and sets it onto his lap he pulls out a hammer and a chisel and hammer a name into the name plate and show it to her "amberlight{SoA}"
Killertrees says: amberlight is your name from now on child...
ambergina smiles as she sees the name
ambergina says: thank you Master KT
Killertrees places the collar around amberlight's neck and closes the collar on her and locks it into place on her neck...
Killertrees says: tyki would you get the box little one
tyki{KTs} says: yes Master

**ambergina is now known as amberlight{SoA}

tyki{KTs} rises from her knees and moves over to the closet...searching the shelves for the temwood box....she pulls the dark box out of the closet and cradles it in her arms against her breasts.. .
amberlight{SoA} tears of happiness fall from her eyes as she feels the collar lock into place around her neck
Killertrees says: amberlight when you log off and back on again later change your whois flag to "Owned by #Ship-of-Acquisition"
tyki{KTs} slips back to her knees beside her Master...and opens the lid (with the kajira carved on it) and holds the box up to her Master
amberlight{SoA} says: yes Master KT :)
Killertrees looks through the box and smiles pulling out a set of slave bells that alternate with piece of amber.. the bells are gold and small.. he then hands the slave bells to tyki to place on amberlight
amberlight{SoA} seeing the slave bells her heart fills with even more joy

**Killertrees changes topic to "18+ Gorean Transport, (NKZ) slaves need to ask to enter. CONGRATULATIONS amberlight{SoA} "
tyki{KTs} takes the bells from her Master's hands and places a kiss on each strand...wrapping them first around amberlight's left ankle and then her right...three wraps around each ankle...once for devotion...once for obedience....and finally for total submission...
tyki{KTs} leans forward and kisses each of amberlight's feet...and smiles to her
amberlight{SoA} smiles to tyki as she places the slave bells around her ankle
Killertrees says: welcome to you new home amberlight
tyki{KTs} says: amberlight...may you serve well in the ship...and may these slave bells ring the joy in your heart as you serve and please the Master's who visit the ship, your home
amberlight{SoA} says: thank you Master KT, this one is very happy and honored to wear the Ships collar :)
amberlight{SoA} says: thank you tyki, and this one will be messaging you for some much help you will probably get sick of her messaging lol
Killertrees says: :)
amberlight{SoA} glances up at Master KT
Killertrees stands up and says "hair position amberlight"
tyki{KTs} smiles to amberlight
amberlight{SoA} flips her hair forward over her head
amberlight{SoA} is still very excited at the moment:)
Kaan^ slaps his left shoulder loudly with his right fist, to show his approval of the new kajira in a ship's ko-lar
Killertrees places his hand on amberlight hair and then walks over to where the kennels are to show her which one she will be using.. .
Killertrees says: Thanks Kaan :)
amberlight{SoA} follows as he leads her, still a bit unbalanced on her feet as she is just learning this position
Kaan^ smiles
Kaan^ says: Brother, the girl does have a bit of fresh grace about her
amberlight{SoA} smiles as she looks to her kennel
Kaan^ says: perhaps a good addition to the Ship
Killertrees shows amberlight the slave kennels on the ships .. the entrance is low so that she may only crawl to get in.. it is high enough to kneel in only.. it is long enough to stretch out and lay down in.. in side there is some furs on the floor as well as a box.. in the box is a set of silks with the ship logo on it as well a brushes, perfume, make up, and other jewelry..
Killertrees says: this is where you sleep at night child....
amberlight{SoA} her sapphire eyes glancing at all the things in the kennel
Killertrees lifts up the hammer and chisel from his side and hammer her name into the name plate above the kennel..
Killertrees says: you may enter them and put on your new silks girl then bring me your old white silks...
Killertrees moves back to his spot and sits back down.
amberlight{SoA} says: Yes Master KT
Kaan^ looks at the many shipboard kennels
Killertrees says: Welcome one and all to this Ship-of-Acquisition. To learn more about us and our rules, you may visit our Web-site at So enter and be welcome
Kaan^ pulls out a small piece of rice paper, then makes a few notes
Kaan^ walks over to the side of the Ship, making a special note of the name
Killertrees says: :)
tyki{KTs} smiles up to her Master....
amberlight{SoA} gets down on her hands and knees and crawls through the opening and picks up her new white silks, kneeling she removes the old ones and slips the new ones over her naked body, shivering as the new white silks slip over her nakedness, her heart filled with joy as she looks to the ships logo upon them
Killertrees says: the logo is sewn in to the silks it is SoA

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