Collaring of celeste{SoA}

First collar presented by the Ship of Acquisition, Dec 21, 1997

tygrpet pulls out a velvet pouch and hands the pouch to Master Hawk, inside is the brass collar with an emerald in the middle, engraved are the ship's emblem and the initials SoA
<`TreeHawk> come girl
celeste-una rises in one smooth, fluid motion and quickly pads to Master TreeHawk's side, silently kneeling, palms flat on the floor, head lowered as she reaches his knee.. not quite touching him.
tygrpet traces her fingers over the workmanship as she looks at celeste
celeste-una this one apologizes for her lack of speed, Master..
`cuddles` lights a candle to the net gods and prays silently for a moment of peace
`TreeHawk reaches over and takes the collar from tygr and looks at it
`TreeHawk: cuddles right side
`TreeHawk: tygr right side of me
tygrpet moves to Master's right side and kneels
`cuddles` moves to tygrpets right

`TreeHawk looks at the collar seeing the emerald and reads the words SoA on it and then looks down at celeste
celeste-una remains silent and motionless
`cuddles` kneels next to tygr. quietly

`TreeHawk: celeste what is your wish girl this night?
celeste says " This one is desirous of a boon, Master.. a channel collar, that she might be protected, and to identify with said channel, that she might be of service...
`TreeHawk looks at cuddles then at tygr
`cuddles` nods celeste-una trembles slightly, afraid she has mispoken
tygrpet nods
`TreeHawk: celeste i will give you your wish this night and remember you serve this ship and all Masters and Misterss and we will become your Protector
* tygrpet glances to Master and smiles
`cuddles` smiles softly..
`TreeHawk looks down and smiles at celeste
`TreeHawk head back girl
celeste says " This one thanks You for Your generous kindness to this one, Master..
celeste-una immediately tilts her head back to it's fullest extent possible
tygrpet seeing the brass gleam in your hand it taken back by its beauty
`TreeHawk reaches down and puts the collar around the girls neck before locking it he says..
`cuddles` watches with a warm smile of welcome.
`TreeHawk you better never dishoner this place girl
celeste-una trembles
celeste says " This one shall not, Master..
`TreeHawk locks the collar click you are now known as celeste{SoA}
`TreeHawk: change your nick girl
tygrpet hears the lock come together
celeste{SoA} Immediately, Master..
celeste-una is now known as celeste{SoA}
tygrpet smiles
tygrpet: welcome sister
`cuddles` smiles warmly
tygrpet hugs celeste
celeste{SoA} smiles.
celeste{SoA}: Thank you..
celeste{SoA} hugs tygrpet
<`TreeHawk> you may stand girl
celeste{SoA} rises in one smooth, fluid motion
`cuddles` hugs celeste
celeste{SoA} hugs cuddles
celeste{SoA}: Thank You, Master.
. `TreeHawk: celeste
celeste{SoA}: Yes, Master?
`TreeHawk: celeste cuddles has something for you
celeste{SoA} looks to cuddles
Keiki: tal and greetings!
`TreeHawk: welcome Keiki
Keiki: dang. i missed our first collaring!
`cuddles` smiles softly as she moves to the cheast.. and finds the box.
celeste{SoA}> *blush*
`cuddles` brings the box to Master TreeHawk for his inspection.
`TreeHawk: Keiki my sister welcome
`cuddles` chuckles softly..Greetings Mistress Keiki
Keiki: thank you Brother.
`TreeHawk open it and looks in side ..and closes it and hands back to cuddles
Keiki kneels among her friends
tygrpet looks at the what is in the box and smiles
`TreeHawk: cuddles go on girl
celeste{SoA} looks at the box curiously
`cuddles` brings to box to kneel next to celeste, bringing out a gold chain with emerald and bells and wraps it around celeste's ankle three times.
celeste{SoA} gasps as she sees the beautiful chain glow and glitter against her pale skin.. she is uncertain what to make of this gift, or who it is from?
tygrpet smiles as the ship's bells and chain are placed around your ankle
celeste{SoA}: "ah.. this one shall be true to all these things."
`TreeHawk smiles, "I know you will"
`cuddles` smiles as she moves away with the box. making room for Mistress Keiki
celeste{SoA} kneels as the Mistress approaches her.
Keiki smiles and brings forth a set of ivory silks shot with gold.
tygrpet smiles
tygrpet: greetings Master Knatchwa
`cuddles` smiels a shy greeting to Master Knatchwa
Knatchwa Tal TreeHawk, Keiki
Keiki: We present these silks to you celeste with the hope that you may wear them with pride and happiness.
Keiki: tal Knatchwa!
Knatchwa observes
tygrpet beams
`TreeHawk smiles
`cuddles` hugs celeste again.
celeste{SoA}: this one shall, Mistress.. she thanks You from all that she is for these many gifts bestowed upon her this day.. this one shall bring honor and pride to the ship, and never shall she bring forth that which would in any way besmirch the spotless name of her Masters..
`cuddles` chuckles at Master TreeHawk.
`cuddles`: may cuddles be of service Master Knatchwa?
Knatchwa: If she would bring water. With Ice Crystals as I observe what is happening here.
`TreeHawk thinks it is party time now
celeste{SoA} looks at the silks, wondering is she is to put them on immediately
Keiki: yep `TreeHawk walks over and gives celeste a hug!! and a kiss welcome
celeste{SoA} carefully cradles the silks in her arms as she might faerie spun glass..(blush)

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