Collaring of cuddles{SoA}

January 17

Killertrees changes topic to 'Collaring in progress enter and leave quietly 18+ Gorean Transport. This inn is a NKZ. slaves need to ask to enter the ship
Killertrees smiles and looks up to the alcoves...

**lywella-alc is now known as lywella
tyki{KTs} slips down from her Master's lap and kneels beside him in the furs...
Killertrees watches to the alcoves as he pats his slave on the head lightly
lywella peeks down the circular stairs.. looking lost as she moves down the stairs cautiously.. as if moving down a hill in a forest..
Algol looks up..smiles to see lywella
Destre-Y smiles up at the beautiful kajira
Killertrees smiles to lywella as she moves down the stair with the graces of a swan
TreeHawk sits back with arose and watches
celeste{SoA} looks up to see lywella.. gasping as her beauty takes her breath away..
Denral smiles, watching lywella, only wincing slightly at the radiance shining from her.
lywella moves down the stairs.. her body moving to the music.. the look of a lost kajira in her eyes.. she steps carefully to the bottom of the stairs and dances softly about the room, she leans over as if to hide behind a tree.. she feels the darkness around her. She dances the remembered emotion of being lost in the woods.. her body turning to the music as she tries to find a safe place to be.
Killertrees smiles as he watches the slave dance her feelings to one and all
lywella moves about the room, her naked body glistens in the light of the fire as her deep blue eyes search...
WarTiger watches this ceremony with fascination....reveling in lywellas beauty
lywella stops.. her body stone, her head tilts.
lywella hears a sound.. 'lywella'.. softly in the distance.. she moves to the sound.. her eyes expressing the hope in her heart she sees the Masters that calls her.. she tentatively steps into the middle of the room, and turns cautiously..
Destre-Y watches lywella...smiling and enjoying her beauty
Killertrees looks over the lovely slave in her dance and runs his hand thru tyki hair
celeste{SoA} watches entranced..
Algol nods approvingly from deep within his hood.
lywella sees warm smiles.. strong Masters that could care for a lost kajira.. she begins move with a lighter step as she moves about the circle.. her soft breasts bouncing softly as she moves closer to Master Denral.. then slipping away.. and turning softly.
WarTiger watches the beautiful slave as he drinks of his Kalana....engulfed in her dance
Denral smiles, watching lywella.
lywella feels the love and the lust that fills the room.. her hips roll with it as she moves closer to Master Algol, her soft parted lips lovingly caressed by a soft tongue she winks at him and slips back to the center.. reaching for the three moons of Gor with extended arms..
Algol watches lywella thru slitted eyes..
Tarnsmn smiles softly, thinking of his nova, missing her
lywella turns to Master TreeHawk.. her long hair flying as she dances closer.. she turns just in time to trail her long hair over him then moves out to the center again.. she looks around the place that could be home.
WarTiger licks his lips and draws in a sharp breath through his nostrils...taking in the scent of the dancing slave....
lywella moves her hips softly as she steps closer to Master Destre, teasing lusty smile on her lips as she moves around him.. her hips rolling softly.. then dances away before he can touch her.
Destre-Y blows the lovely kajira a kiss as she dance off
lywella walks in soft steps around the circle of friends she has found.. no longer feeling lost in the forest.. she smiles to the Master who trained her.. and dances close enough to brush Master Killertrees with a soft kiss.. then to the center again..
celeste{SoA} squirms a little.. her blood rising as she watches her sister dance..
tyki{KTs} smiles to her beautiful sister lywella
lywella feels love in the room, her naked body turning slowly as she slips to the floor, softly out of breath she kneels in the middle of the room, her thighs parted and she lays her body over, hair splayed out in front of her, arms laying outstretched on the floor she waits.
WarTiger nods his approval at the slave's display of beauty.....
sarina{SoA} smiles as she watches her beautiful sister dance
lywella crawls over to Master Killertrees.. her naked body glistening in the light.. she bends over and kisses his feet softly.. may a girl speak?
Killertrees looks to lywella and smiles.. he nods and says "you may speak freely child "
lywella says: Masters of the ship.. Master Killertrees, this girl was once lost and felt alone.. her old home closed..
Killertrees closes his eyes for a moment as he remembers then looks to lywella and nods sullenly
lywella says: then she heard the call of many Masters.. there is a home here.. the Masters of the ship said.. and she followed.. and they did not lie to her.. it has been a good home..
WarTiger nods slowly listening to the kajira's words....
lywella says: this one begs to be owned by the ship.. as her training gets closer to ending she knows it is time to ask.. this girl begs to belong to the ship, to serve it in all ways that she might be needed.
TreeHawk smiles
Killertrees leans close to lywella and takes her by the hair leaning her head back so he may look into her eyes as she speaks so he may see the truth that sings from her heart...
celeste{SoA} brushes aside her tears at her sister's words.. her own heart aching in remembrance of the love she has for the ship
KT says: lywella what are you dear
Algol watches intently..
lywella is kajira.. a slave
KT says: what is the heart and joy of a slave ?
WarTiger listens and watches intensely
lywella says: the heart and joy and soul of a slave is to serve, to please the Master that she serves.
Bannshee watches with a tear of joy in her eye for the lovely slave...
Killertrees smiles and nods.. , "now child do you freely give your self to this ship to serve all the Master and Mistresses that enter and to help your sisters when you can child?
lywella smiles brightly, Yes Master.. it is what she begs to do.
WarTiger feels exaltation at what is happening....The honor that is taking place
Killertrees leans to his pack and pulls out a box from it and pulls out a box then opens it for all to see the collar that lies with in it..
Killertrees holds out a sliver collar with 7 bight red rubies placed, next to each is 7 starfire emeralds in it in equal spaces. On the front is a gold name plate with the following written into it.. "cuddles{SoA} Property of #Ship-of-Acquisition". There is a small hole under the name plate for the key for the ship's collar to be placed into. On the name plate there is a single piece of black onyx with a 7 diamond embedded into it.
Killertrees shows the collar to lywella...
lywella grins, her eyes brighten at the beauty and the name..
KT says: Kol-ar position child...
tyki{KTs} smiles brightly to her sister
WarTiger smiles in awe of the collars beauty
Bannshee is in awe of the collar's beauty and smiles inside, the name holds true..
lywella lifts her head, laying hands crossed in front of her.. shaking softly with excitement
lywella lifts her hands to lift her hair out of the way..
celeste{SoA} thinks lywella has never looked more beautiful than at this very moment..
DrexoR smiles to lywella, his eyes filled with pride and happiness for the girl
Killertrees opens the collar and places it around her neck.. he smiles to the slave girl and lets her feel the cold of the silver on her neck for a bit first.. then closes it around her neck with a resounding "Click!"
**lywella is now known as cuddles{SoA}
WarTiger is in awe of the beauty in the room
cuddles{SoA} smiles, tears in her eyes as she hears the click.
Tarnsmn smiles..knowing well the loss she felt, glad that the slave has found a home and love
cuddles{SoA} crosses her wrists above her head for binding.
Vhel-afk smiles softly, rubbing his own shining eyes..._" darn dusty room... :)
Algol smiles.. and is very pleased.
WarTiger nods approvingly at the now collared kajira
Aphris smiles
Killertrees moves his hand to his side and pulls out a binding fiber and smiles as he ties her hands and binds her .. he looks at her and says "girl stand so tyki may bell you girl.. "
Bannshee smiles
tyki{KTs} pulls a temwood box out from behind her Master's spot...her green eyes sparkling with joy for her sister.
cuddles{SoA} rises gracefully, her glistening body turning to her sister.
{larisa}DR smiles, admiring the beautiful ko-lar and nick
DrexoR pounds his right fist over his heart in a gesture of salute to the ship and cuddles
WarTiger feels a tear begin to form suddenly.....
celeste{SoA} smiles at her exquisite sister..
tyki{KTs} opens the box and pulls out a pair of slave bell strands....shimmering silver with emerald and ruby stones...bells and small trinkets intermixed...some trinkets shaped like the ship...and one...shaped like a castle
cuddles{SoA} watches through lowered lashes and eyes bright with tears.
tyki{KTs} wraps the strands around her sister's ankles....once for honor...twice for devotion...and finally for submission...then tyki leans forward and kisses cuddles' feet
tyki{KTs} says: sister, serve the ship and all who enter here with the love and devotion you have shown and you will continue to bring great honor to the ship
cuddles{SoA} hears the words echo in her mind.. honor.. devotion and submission.
cuddles{SoA} says Thank you tyki.. smiles warmly to her sister.
Algol stands..
Algol says cuddles.. Come here to me.
Algol shoves his cloak back..standing in the polished black leathers of a tarnsman night scout.
cuddles{SoA} hears the movement.. turns to Master Algol.. moving softly through the room, her hips swaying as a soft smile comes to her lips, she lowers to kneel at Master Algol's feet, her thighs parted wide with her desire to please, she lays over and caresses his feet with a soft kiss..
Vhel-afk says: a lovely ceremony, all around...very lovely :)
Algol leans and lifts cuddles up.. smiling at her..
DrexoR smiles
WarTiger nods in agreement
WarTiger says "Very lovely..."
cuddles{SoA} smiles up.. her blue eyes bright with happiness.
Algol turns.. opens a package on the table.. and pulls out a carefully folded bundle..
Algol takes one of cuddles hands in his..lifts it..and slowly turns her.
Killertrees nods to WarTiger :) then looks back to Algol and smiles
Algol grins and whispers quietly to cuddles.."You look pretty good nude to me.. but we will proceed."
cuddles{SoA} follows his lead and turns with soft steps.. blushing as she realizes how many have arrived
DrexoR looks at lywe... cuddles..... Serve well girl, and congratulations to you and Your Masters
cuddles{SoA} giggles
Algol shakes out the silks.. holds them up.. seeing cuddles thru them..
cuddles{SoA} chuckles and winks at Master Al'gol.. perfect
Algol knots a silk around one hip.. and twists another round her neck.
Algol steps back.. hmm.. makes an adjustment..
Algol says: No doubt guests will be giving you jewelry..cuddles.. but for now..You look very good to us.
cuddles{SoA} blushes.. thank you Master Algol
Algol squeezes her shoulder.. Walk round..let us all see our new slave.

cuddles{SoA} was presented with:

**Killertrees changes topic to '18+ Gorean Transport. This inn is a NKZ. slaves need to ask to enter the ship. enter and bewelcome. Congrads to cuddles{SoA} may she serve us all well :)_'

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