#Ship-of-Acquisition on DalNet


On January 17th lywella was collared by the ship and renamed cuddles{SoA}, congratulations cuddles, you got your favorite nick back. Collaring log

On January 8th ambergina was collared and renamed amberlight{SoA} Collaring log

On Sunday, January 4, Master Killertrees officially collared his claimed kajira kera-KTS-. The girl is now known as kera{KTs}. Collaring log

On December 27th, sarina` was collared by the ship, and was known as sarina{SoA} Collaring log sarina has since been released from the ship's collar but remains under the ship's protection

#Ship-of-Acquisition and #HighCasteKeep have entered a pledge of peace and will be sister channels. May both channels prosper and grow. Log of the pledge

On December 21st, celeste` was collared by the ship, she is now known as celeste{SoA} Collaring log

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