Master Killertrees Collars kera{KTs}

January 4, 1998

kera-KTs- comes in and hurries over to Master KT and kneels at his feet and bends and kisses both and then waits.
KILLERTREES you may now rise kera :)
kera-KTs- rises up into a kneelin postion and strightens out her silks and smiles
Killertrees smiles to kera and pats her on the head lightly.
tyki{KTs} rises from her knees...her shimmering amethyst silks swirling about her legs floating around her like summer clouds as she comes down the stairs...her silver and gold shimmering brightly in the firelight...her auburn hair cascading in silky waves down her back...she sets some packages down behind her Master and then kneels in puddle of silk at his feet, then she leans forward and presses soft kisses to her Master's feet
Killertrees pats tyki on the head lightly and says "you may rise my slave and greetings :)

nickia says: Master Killertrees may this one whisper with you?
Killertrees says: nickia you may stop working on my back child and return to the serven furs..
Killertrees says: yes nickia you may
tyki{KTs} scoots around to kneel to her Master's kera a hug and a kiss
nickia leans foward from behind the Master back and wispers in his ear and then slowly leans back
sarina{SoA} kneels at the entrance and bends foreward gracefully, her sunkissed curls pooling to the threshold as she presses her forehead to the floor...streaching her hands in front of her she quietly begging permission to enter
Killertrees says: greetings sarina and you may enter child...
nickia moves from behind Master Killertrees and quickly retreating to the serving furs
Killertrees looks at his two slaves and smiles he leans close and places a soft kiss on each of them
kera-KTs- watches and smiles to her sister and gives her a hug.
bahni{STRUM} kneels at the entrance, cheek pressed on the threshold...she softly begs may this girl please enter?
Destre-Y says: enter bahni
nickia says: you are very lucky slave you have a very kind and loving Master and congratualtions
bahni{STRUM} rises with grace and steps quickly to her Master's furs..her silks dance about her lush thighs as she glides across the floor...her eyes and smile bright
kera-KTs- smiles brightly at Master Vhel:-)
Vhel walks over and sits next to Mithy to await the ceremony
bahni{STRUM} slips to her kneels, her warm thighs part naturally as she drifts her arms downward..her open palms placed towards the sky...pretty chin raised high and proud..sparkling blue eyes lowered to the floor
tyki{KTs} slips out into the garden for a second...when she comes back in from the garden she brings in a few dina flowers and weaves them into kera's hair
bahni{STRUM} peeks about the ship, her thich lashes flutter above her eyes...she smiles softly

changes topic to "18+ Gorean Transport, (NKZ) Collaring in Progress....please enter and exit quietly"

Killertrees smiles and turns to kera
Destre-Y retreats to the corner..sits a prepares to view the ceremony
kera-KTs- smiles and looks up to her Master to ask a question of him.
Killertrees says: speak kera so I may hear your questions
kera-KTs- humbly asks: Master Killertrees, this slave ask that you would remove her claiming collar from her please.
TreeHawk smiles watching kera
Killertrees looks at kera and frowns a little but reaches in to his shirt and pulls out a small pouch where he keeps his collar key.. he pulls it out and places the key into kera's collar and unlocks it .. taking the collar from her neck and places it beside his pack
Killertrees says: I now release you from your claiming collar kera. I no long hold the claim on you child.
kera-KTs says: thank You Master KT
Strummer- walks quietly to his white snow larl furs and sits

*** kera-KTs- is now known as kera

bahni{STRUM} slips close to her Master and smiles lovingly up at Him
TreeHawk` winks at bahni

bahni{STRUM} blushes a soft shade of pink
kera asks: Master Killertrees..may a girl dance for a Master, that she longs to have collar her?
Killertrees responds: yes child you may dance to show your need little one.. and follow your heart.
tyki{KTs} rests her head against her Master's thigh
nivna quietly enters and sits down on the furs..smiling
kera smiles to Master KT and rises up slowly

kera slowly turns and walks sensuously to the sand pit, her head down as her long dark silky hair flows over her creamy silked shoulders and belled ankles. Her hands slide slowly up her body to her now bare neck as her hands circle around it longing for the feel of a Masters steel collar there.
nickia smiles as one tear streams down her face:)
nova{T} pulls her Master's fur's up around her shoulder's snuggling close smelling his scent as she watches
Killertrees strokes tyki's hair soflty as he looks to kera
kera Turns very slowly around, seeing that each eye of every Master and Mistress is watching her every single move. She takes a quick look at them, then quickly lowers her eyes, but does catch one eye of a Master and holds his gaze for a few moments longer,then feels her need to dance for him, to show him her longing and desire for him. After looking at the Master that holds her gaze, she slowly turns to show her silked body off to Master KT, her hips start to sway to the music that she hears, taking small slow steps till she has made a full circle, a begining with no end, she slowly slides her hands down her silks,as she lifts her left leg gracefully and brings it down till her toe is pointing in the direction of the Master she longs for.

kera starts with a slow and arduous sway of her hips, rocking back and forth to the sound of the music. Her hands sliding down her body as she moves across the sand, a perfect movement, bells both giving off a little tinkle as her hips sway side to side, her ear rings shining in the torch light giving a soft glow to kera's face. kera brings her hands back and puts them on her thighs slowly sliding them down her long legs till she is kneeling on the floor then removing her hands, turns and using her hands moves them slowly up her body as she still continues to sway back and forth to the music her passion raising with each beat, her need for a Master showing in her eyes.

kera leaning back into a gorean bow, she moves with the sound of the music her body raising a little higher off the ground each time.. she looks over to the Master with her desire and lifts her body back into kneeling nadu for him to see her more clearly. The music still controlling her body as she sways to it, moving foward on to all fours, her body thrusting and rolling. In a bowed possion she once again raise's to her feet slowly as the music starts to build she runs her hands up along her body untill she is standing once more, swaying softy to the beat that is with in her heart.

kera thrusts and rolls her body, moving with fluid motion...seductively rolling her body at one Master, sensuously she moves closer to him but always out of reach, arms sliding up and over each other, her long legs stomping out the beat, as the hunger and passion for a Master grow even more,as tears slide down her face wanting to be so pleasing. She throws her arms out,her eyes begging a Master to find her pleasing, her lips try to move but no words come other then a soft moan. she starts a dance with her hips...smooth bare flesh sneaking out of her silks, kera moans softly and arches her back, swaying her hips in time to the music.

kera stomping to the beat as her ankle bells jingles softly, her eyes seeking Masters she dances her dance to Master, tempting Master with her body, wanting to be pleasing in his eyes. kera falls to her knees, her hair framing her face, her silks wet and clinging undoes the knot that holds it and lets it drop, now showing all her body, she slowly crawls across the sandpit and over to a waiting Master.

kera Hoping and praying that Master KT has found her dance for him pleasing, she slowly lowers her head to his feet and kisses each one tenderly, and then lays her head on his feet and in a small voice begs Master with all her kajaira heart and soul she begs this of him:

kera begs: Master to find this slave girl pleasing, she begs Master to be able to wear his collar, to be his second kajira and to let this slave be a chain sister to his first girl tyki. This slave begs this of Master with all her heart to be his and if she has not been found pleasing then she begs for Master to give her a swift death. She trembles as she waits for his reply or her death.
tyki{KTs} reaches up and feels the collar around her own she watches kera
Killertrees snaps his right hand letting a quiva fall into his hand. he reaches out and takes kera by the hair pulling her back up to a nadu position and places the quiva to her neck and says "answer me the questions I put forth child."
Killertrees asks: girl what are you?
kera replies: a slave girl Master.
Killertrees asks: what is your name child?
kera answers: this slave has no name, but was once called kera.
tyki{KTs} holds her breath
kera closes her eyes and prays
Killertrees nods and is stasifed with that answer He speaks agian.. "child do you give me yoru body to do with as I please, freely of your own will?"
nickia prays silently for her sister
kera answers: yes Master a slave does.
Killertrees smiles to kera and then says "and do you also give me your heart to love me with child?"
kera answers: this slave gives her heart freely so that a slave may love you with it Master.
nova{T} wipes the r/l tears away and watches
bahni{STRUM} lightly runs her fingertips on her Master's collar...tears of joy come to her eyes as she feels the enscription with her fingertips...a tender smile plays upon her soft lips as she watches
Killertrees continues: do you give me your Mind to teach you how to please me and serve me child?"
kera hearts beats even faster, as it pounds in her ears.
nickia gently raises her hand to her neck and remembers the collar that was once placed there
kera replies: yes Master, this slave's mind is yours to teach .
Killertrees moves the quiva from her neck and tosses it at the target board.. sticking it into it .. he looks back at kera and says "do you also give me your soul child to futher your submission to me child?"
kera answers: yes Master a girl gives you her soul to further her submission to you.

Killertrees turns to the pack at his side and pulls out a box with the collar in it.. he opens the box and show the collar to all then to kera so she may see the collar that is to be placed on her neck.
Killertrees holds a Kol-ar made of gold with silver inlay on it. The collar is about 1/2 hort in width and there looks to be no lock on the collar to open it once it is placed on the neck of the slave. Taking a closer look at the inlay you can see a silver and red Dragon flying towards the front and a Unicorn, with a gold horn and silver rays of light coming from it, on the other side charging to the front of the collar. There is a set of three moons on the front of the collar. The center Moon is a Full moon with writing on it, There are 2 crescent moons on either side of it facing outward. At the point of each of the crescent moons there is a single stone set into the collar, they are starfire rubies also cut in crescent forms. The black onyx words on the silver moon read as follows : "kera{KTs} property of Master Killertrees"
kera watches Master and lets out a held breath.
nickia gasps and smiles
Strummer nods his appreciation for KillerTree's fine workmanship
tyki{KTs} smiles...tears shimmering in her green eyes
bahni{STRUM} smiles softly and lays her head on her Master's lap
nivna watches silently, remembering the times she was collared, sighing softly.
Killertrees says: tyki move behind kera and hold her hair up for me child.
tyki{KTs} says: yes Master
kera feels her tears slide down her face.
tyki{KTs} rises from her knees and moves around behind kera...lifting her soft hair up from her neck...leaning gently against kera's back for support
Strummer smiles thoughtfully as he twirls a strand of bahni's golden hair between his fingers as he watches his Friend collar his girl.
nickia cries
nivna sniffles a bit now.
Killertrees smiels to his two slaves and then moves the collar to kera's neck. He lets her feel the coolness of the collar on her neck before closing it with a resounding CLICK
Strummer is a bit amazed at the number of pronouns he was able to work into his last sentance ;)
kera gives a shiver
tyki{KTs} leans over her sister's shoulder and kisses her cheek softly
DrexoR enters, his eyes glancing around for a place for he and his party to sit
Killertrees looks at kera and says "your name is now kera{KTs} child you will be known as that from this day fowared girl

*** kera is now known as kera{KTs}

nickia cries R/L tears
tyki{KTs} drops kera's hair softly over her shoulders
DrexoR chooses a spot by the fire, and motions for Luna and Tai to join him.
Strummer pats his right shoulder approvingly
Killertrees says: tyki the small package child.
tyki{KTs} responds quickly: yes Master
Tai-Docc enters and crosses over to the fire, and sits comfortably
kera{KTs} looks up and smiles at her Mater.
DarkLuna walks to Drexor and sits
Destre-Y stands
tyki{KTs} rises and gets the small package from behind her Master's spot and kneels at his left side...holding the package up for him...
TreeHawk` smiles
Drexor says: Congratulations Killertrees
kera{KTs} watches Master and tyki
Killertrees smiles and opens the package and pulls forth 2 small amethyst hearts. He leans down and places one to tyki's collar then one to kera's collar as they are now chain sisters and his slaves
Destre-Y walks over near to KT and his new kajira.
Vhel walks over to both KillerTrees and kera and hugs them both soundly...hugs tyki as well, mussing her hair
tyki{KTs} smiles brightly as her finger caresses the tiny heart on her collar...and leans forward to kiss her sister's cheek
Killertrees stands up and turns to his friends and the slaves that are here.. and smiles to them.. "Thank you all for coming.. " he turns to kera and says "you may now greet the Masters and sisters child.

Destre-Y says: KT , i present you with this small gift
Destre-Y hands KT a small gorean shield and gorean shortSword...may this shield protect you and yours, and prevent any harm coming your way, May this sword defend our home!
Killertrees smiles and turns toward Destre
kera{KTs} watches
Destre-Y claps KT on the back...smiling...then turns to kera...congrats little one...may you always have happiness
Killertrees takes the sword and shield then places them to one side and shakes Destre-Y's arm "Thank you Brohter.."

Strummer stands and congratulates his friend KillerTrees on his excellant acquisitions
Strummer stands close to Killertrees as he takes a small gold foil wrapped box
Killertrees smiles when he sees teh box and smiels to STrummer...
Strummer says: Here Friend, a box of the most exquisite chocolates known
Strummer hands him the box
bahni{STRUM} smiles softly as she watches her Master under dark lashes
kera{KTs} smiles at Master Strummer.
Killertrees takes the gold foil box and smiles "Thanks Strummer
Strummer says: I trust that you will require your girls to work for them.
Killertrees laughs: oh yes :)
bahni{STRUM} grins
Strummer laughs softly, knowing very well the answer
kera{KTs} laughs
Strummer says: Congratulations, my Friend. and good luck!
kera{KTs} says: thank you for being here Master Strummer
Strummer moves back out of the way so that others can approach the happy family
Killertrees says: Thank you very much Strummer they both make me very happy.
bahni{STRUM} says: congratulations, Master Killertrees, tyki and kera :)
Killertrees nods and says: thank you bahni

changes topic to "18+ Gorean Transport, (NKZ) CONGRATULATIONS Master KT and kera{KTs}

> Killertrees reaches down and rubs kera's hair softly
tyki{KTs} holds a package on her lap and looks up to her Master awaiting permission to speak
Killertrees says: What is it girl? tyki{KTs} says: Master...cuddles was unable to be here...but she asked tyki to present to you and kera a collaring gift. cuddles often makes tapestries while she sits in the serving furs...tyki{KTs} opens the package and shows the shows a waterfall in the midst of a kalana forest...with two kajira kneeling side by side working together in unison
kera{KTs} exclaims: Ohh tyki!!! that's so beautiful!!!
kera{KTs} runs her hands over the tapestry, feeling herself very lucky and about to cry again.

nova{T} glances to Master Killertrees
nova{T} asks: may this girl speak please Master Killertrees
Killertrees says: yes nova you may speak child
nova{T} walks over to Master Killertree's, gently sliding to her knee's before him, softly she speaks:
nova{T} says: this girl's Master was unable to be here, today, and this girl own's nothing for she is a kajira, but a girl knows with all her heart, her Master would approve, of this gift she gives to you, tyki and kera..
Killertrees smiles and watches nova at his feet
nova{T} gently hugs Master Killertree's, then leans over and hugs sister tyki, then her sweet sister kera, that is from a girl's Master and nova
nova{T} says: congratualtions..
tyki{KTs} smiles and hugs nova
Killertrees says: thank you nova...

Killertrees leans down and picks up kera then places her over his shoulder and moves towards the alcoves he waves to everyone and smiles.
Killertrees calls from the staircase: I wish you well my Friends
Killertrees slips in to the alcoves.
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