On December 22, 1997, Master Killertrees and Master KnightSky, founders of #Ship-of-Acquisition and #HighCasteKeep, met in #HighCasteKeep and pledged peace between the channels. May they both grow and prosper. May the people of Gor remember the heart of their homestones, and may these sister channels serve the Gorean community well. What follows is a log of the pledge for peace.

Killertrees turns to KS and walk over to him carrying some gifts...
Killertrees holds out a case of the best Kalana he could find as well as one dozen silver goblets with the HcK emblem engraved into them.. there is a single ruby in each of the goblets stems. There is also a large pouch of seeds for star's garden, the seeds are both vegetables and flowers. He then says "with wishes for prosperity from #Ship-of-Acquisition to #HighcasteKeep"
KnightSky smiles thankyou Brother for your most generous gift:))
Killertrees: You are welcome KS.. I hope that our channels can be sister channels and share with one another and no feuding or wars between us...
KnightSky that is our hope as well..we already share many ops between the link is already established:))
Killertrees> and that I think is a good way to start .. :)
DalamarOsis smiles had I known that Chan founders had to present gifts i would have brought something...... ummm wait here... I have a cork from a fine bota of paga (already drank the paga though)
KnightSky smiles..I think it is too..a good foundation to grow from:))
Celtic^ chuckles
Killertrees extents his hand to KS in offer of frienship and peace
pyxen{HCK} smiles back to her sister tyki happy to have her here in her home
KnightSky extends his hand in friendship..and calls over Celtic and DO to join :)
Celtic^ smiles and grabs KTs hand
Killertrees smiels to Celtic and shakes his hand then offer it to Dal as well
pyxen{HCK} scampers over to her sister tyki and huggles her
DalamarOsis shakes the hand
tyki{KTs} hugs pyxen tight
Killertrees smiles happily snd then pats pyxen on the head lightly
DalamarOsis: ... btw What an arm!!!
KnightSky chuckles..
pyxen{HCK} keeps her arms wrapped around her sister tyki and smiles up at Master KT
Killertrees: LOL well what od you expect from a blacksmith
DalamarOsis smiles always thought you forged metal ... not made body parts of the damn stuff
pyxen{HCK} whispers: ..pyxen is glad to have you here sis
Celtic^ grins
*** Joins: MoonSinger
KnightSky: Tal MS:))
DalamarOsis: Tal Moonsinger
Celtic^: Tal MS
tyki{KTs}: greetings Mistress MoonSinger
Killertrees: Tal MoonSinger and hugs
MoonSinger: Tal all
pyxen{HCK} runs back to her Master..the emerald on her chains caressing her navel as she moves..climbs back up in His lap...snuggles close to Him
pyxen{HCK}: greetings Mistress Moon!!!!! :)))))
DalamarOsis: too many @'s
KnightSky grins..
tyki{KTs} looks up at her Master and then rises from her knees moving over to Mistress MoonSinger and kneeling at her slippered feet...
Celtic^ slides the emerald up and down to the celtic knot
MoonSinger stands and lays a gentle hand on tyki's head.. then moves to the center of the channel..
tyki{KTs} pulls out a small boquet of dina's with a chrysanthemum in its center and offers it up to Mistress MoonSinger
Celtic^: MoonSinger you are always the center of attention ;-)
MoonSinger stands quietly.. asking her Brothers Killertrees and KnightSky to join her..
KnightSky walks over to MS:)
Killertrees walks over to MoonSinger
Celtic^ stands with MS, DO, KT, KS, pyxen and tyki
Celtic^: group hug?
Killertrees: sound good..
MoonSinger: I offer a gift... a binding of the hearts ...channels have hearts.. they beat strong and true. I wish to present two channels hearts...with the reminder of what happens when the heart of a channel is torn and broken. Strive never to allow it to happen to the hearts of the sister channels here.
Celtic^ smiles and nods
Killertrees nods and smiles to MoonSinger as he listens to her...
*** Joins: Knatchwa
KnightSky smiles...I will strive to make sure the sister channels work together and share their wealth of people and freindships:)
tyki{KTs}whispers: greetings Master Knatchwa
KnightSky: Tal Knatchwa
Knatchwa: Tal Knightsky,Moonsinger,Killertrees
MoonSinger reaches to her eyes and lifts a shimmering tear onto her on each forefinger... a reminder of the pain..of the breaking of theheart of a channel... and offers it to her she moves..she sings softly..the tears becoming crystal roses..glinting in the light..she gives one to each
pyxen{HCK} whispers: greetings Master Knatchwa
Killertrees: Tal Knatchwa
Knatchwa: how are you all on this day?
KnightSky takes the tear from her finger..
Killertrees take the tear from MoonSinger hand and places it to his heart on his chest and closes his eyes for a moment
Knatchwa: Tal to Celtic^ as well.
MoonSinger: May these roses be always found upon the hearth of the channel's fires.. in sight...of all. Reminder of the heart.. of all.. how very precious and delicate we all truly are.
MoonSinger: It is my wish that the channels remain .. always sisters.. held together by love and understanding.
Knatchwa: You speak of HCII?
MoonSinger: This.. is my final wish for you.. my Brothers whom I love dearly.
Killertrees opens his eyes and looks to MoonSinger "I am open to free pagage and peacs and having the channels be sister channels.. that would please me..
MoonSinger: Along with those of HC2 that I also love dearly....heal.. be at peace..enjoy each other in love.
Knatchwa Looks to Moonsinger and wishes he knew what has occured.
KnightSky smiles..I pledge as does Celtic and all here that we be held together by that peace:)
tyki{KTs}: Master Knatchwa...highcastle closed its doors on Saturday
MoonSinger: I closed HC2 Saturday Knatchwa
Knatchwa remembers this being mentioned. I am sorry I did not recall.
Killertrees takes out the shattered sword from his sheith and looks to KnightSky: "I pledge peace between the channels.
Knatchwa: HCII will be sorely missed
MoonSinger bows her head and walks to the door.. be well all.. and remember the breaking of a channel's heart.. breaks all those who hold it dear. Never do such a thing lightly
*** Parts: MoonSinger
KnightSky pledges peace between our channels:))
Killertrees nods to Moon as she leaves but she is gone by the time he does.
Knatchwa thinks back to his days though seeming numbered there in that place.
Killertrees: let the people move freely from one to the other without problems and we may do a good service for Gor ... as we are both very similiar and should not compete with one another
KnightSky that is our aim peacable coexistence..and share peace with our Brothers and sisters:)
Knatchwa: That is the best policy.
KnightSky smiles..:)
pyxen{HCK} smiles happily
KnightSky: also share peace with our Sisters as well..don't want to leave them out..:))
Killertrees: yes peace, and place for slaves to learn and grow in safety is both of our goals it always has been...
Killertrees: that is true.. hehehe
KnightSky chuckles..they would tend to get upset if we did:))
Knatchwa: wishes he could've been there in those last days of HCII.
Killertrees: yes...
Knatchwa is in agreement
pyxen{HCK} nods
DalamarOsis smiles and offers KS a simple clump of dirt and grass
KnightSky: thanks DO:)
DalamarOsis smiles ... :) best I can do
Killertrees smiles remembering a long time ago sharing dirt with another ..
KnightSky: from this simple clump of dirt and grass..something wonderful will grow here DO:))
DalamarOsis: Sharing dirt is a bond not easily given to forgetting
Knatchwa observes
DalamarOsis smiles and offers his hand to KS
KnightSky gives his hand to DO:)
DalamarOsis: (wink) it comes from the grass of the plains upoon which my Wagon does sit. With it I offer you the peace of my wagon and the brotherhood of my blood
KnightSky smiles warmly..
Killertrees watches KS and DO
Knatchwa only watches
DalamarOsis smiles and looks around for his chair ... Ahh there it is
KnightSky offers you the peace and Brotherhood of the keep..
DalamarOsis smiles I thank you Friend KnightSky
DalamarOsis: now then KT.... (IG) where was I... oh yes.... (IG)
DalamarOsis: Such a gift you have for forging metals......
Killertrees places his hand over the dirt.. his hand holding KS in his own as the dirt holds to each of their hands.. he snaps his left wrist and a quiva falls to his hand, he then places a cut on his thumb and lets the blood flow lightly as it mingles with soil and hands a bond never broken
DalamarOsis smiles had to show me up huh???? (EG)
KnightSky places a cut on his thunb and touches it to KTS:)
Killertrees: Sorry Dal
Killertrees lets our blood run together....
Killertrees looks to KS and smiles holding his gaze with his own
KnightSky: let us forever have peace between our homes Brother..:)
Killertrees nods in agreement: "then let it be done."
Knatchwa sits back
DalamarOsis smiles Not a problem Friend Brother... For you too are also welcome in my Wagon always...
tyki{KTs} watches carefully as the Master's make their pledge
KnightSky: then its done:)
DalamarOsis smiles and cuts his thumb and hold his thumb to the other bloody thumbs
Killertrees smiles to Dal and lets the 3 bloods mingle as one over dirt..
KnightSky lets them mingle..
DalamarOsis smiles let them mingle
KnightSky needs to find star to fix his thumb..grins..
Killertrees pulls out some healing salve and places soem on his thum then offers some to Dal
DalamarOsis smiles and stops sucking his thumb... (no wise cracks please)

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