Collaring of sarina{SoA}

Dec 27, 1997

sarina` lifts her crystal blue eyes to Master Killertrees...daring to look into His as she speaks softly...her words carefully chosen.
Killertrees listens closely to sarina
tyki{KTs} smiles warmly to sarina<
sarina` says: Master Killertrees, this slave girl begs for this Ship's collar, please
sarina` giggles softly and lets out the breath she was holding
tyki{KTs} smiles as the lovely sarina makes her request
Killertrees looks at sarina and smiles...
celeste{SoA} smiles as well.. happy for her.. then looks back into the flames..
Killertrees says: child you are white silks now and will remain white silks until you decide otherwise. Your home will be this ship as your first duties will be here child. tyki and tyrgpet are in charge of training so you will need to talk to them as well. Now child do you understand this?
sarina` answers: yes, Master Killertrees...this one understands
manda{Wlkr}r smiles softly as she watches sarina
Killertrees: tyki would you move behind sarina and expose her neck for me girl?
Killertrees opens up his pack and pulls out the ship's collar holding it so she can see it as well as others.
Killertrees holds out a brass collar with 7 bright red rubies placed in it in equal spaces. On the front is a gold nameplate with the following written into it.. "Property of #Ship-of-Acquisition". There is a small hole under the name plate for the key for the ship's collar to be placed into. On the name plate there is a single piece of black onyx with a diamond embedded into it.
tyki{KTs} rises from her knees...then moves behind sarina...her soft hands lifting sarina's hair from her neck
Killertrees shows the collar to sarina and smiles "what is your name girl?"
sarina` smiles as she watches the beautiful collar He holds in His hands
Killertrees smiles and awaits an answer from sarina.
sarina` answers: this slave has been called sarina but she will wear any name You, Master Killetrees give her
Killertrees pulls out a hammer and a small chisal from his pack and then brings it to the name plate and hammer out a name into it and shows it to her.. "sarina{SoA}" this name pleases me child and that is what you will be called sarina
sarina`: thank You, Master Killertrees....
Killertrees takes the collar and places it around sarina neck letting her feel the cool metal on her neck for a few moments before closing it with a clear "Click" is heard as it locks in place...
*** sarina` is now known as sarina{SoA}
*** Killertrees changes topic to "18+ Gorean Transport, (NKZ) a safe place to learn the ways of Gor.. slaves need to ask to enter and to leave.. congrats to sarina{SoA}"
manda{Wlkr}r smiles softly as she hears the wonderful sound of the collar click around her sister's neck
sarina{SoA} smiles happily and gently kisses Master Killertrees' feet.....
Killertrees: tyki would you get the bells...
sarina{SoA}: thank You, Master Killertrees
tyki{KTs} drops her sister's hair back down over her shoulders and moves over to pull out the temwood box from near her Master's spot
Killertrees smiles to sarina and pats her on the head lightly.
Killertrees: you are welcome girl...
TreeHawk just sits back and watches
tyki{KTs} kneels beside her Master holding the carved box and lifting it up to her Master
Killertrees smiles and opens the box, it reveals 2 sets of slave bells. The bells are shaped like small silver ships with black added in as well. He then hands the bells to tyki and smiles to her.
tyki{KTs} smiles as the bells ring softly she turns to sarina and asks her to extend her ankles.
manda{Wlkr}r straightens her halo and continues to watch her sweet sister sarina...her heart smiling from her happiness
TreeHawk puts on his snow cloak just in case it snows in the ship
sarina{SoA} smiles at her sister and quickly extends her delicate ankle to her.
tyki{KTs} wraps the strands of bells around her sisters ankles...three wraps around each ankle...for the devotion, obedience, and submission of la kajira...she ties the bells in place and kisses each of her sister's ankles.
tyki{KTs}: may these bells echo the joy in your heart as you serve the guests who visit the Ship-of-Acquisition
Killertrees smiles to tyki and then to sarina
sarina{SoA}: thank you, sister...thank You, Master
sarina{SoA} grins and shakes her ankle...making the bells sing happily
tyki{KTs} leans forward and kisses sarina's cheek softly
Killertrees: Welcome aboard sarina, now I think TreeHawk has something for you as well ;)
manda{Wlkr}r: congratulations Master Killertrees
Killertrees: thank you manda....
manda{Wlkr}r: congratulations sarina..:)
manda{Wlkr}r: sarina...the collar is lovely on you
sarina{SoA}: thank you, sister manda
sarina{SoA} hugs tyki and kisses her cheek gently
manda{Wlkr}r crawls to the door...cupping a hand full of snow in her tiny hands and sneaks to Master TreeHawk...thinking it is a shame that He is all bundled up for snow not to have any...
manda{Wlkr}r giggles as she tosses the snow in the air...watching it fall gently all around Him
TreeHawk: lol yes no snow
manda{Wlkr}r hums..."let it snow...let it snow...let it snow" hehehehehe
TreeHawk says sarina{SoA} nadu child
sarina{SoA}: yes, Master TreeHawk
manda{Wlkr}r gently shakes the snow from her silks and crawls back to the serving furs...kneeling like the perfect little angel she is
TreeHawk looks at sarina Tower position girl
manda{Wlkr}r softly rubs her hands together to warm them from the snow
Killertrees: manda if you like you may places another log on the fire.
manda{Wlkr}r: oo yes Master Killertrees...thank You
TreeHawk takes his snow cloak off not seeing snow now
Killertrees: yes you may enter little one it s good to see you
manda{Wlkr}r rises and makes her way to retrieve a log...lifting it to her chest she glides back to the fire...
manda{Wlkr}r gently places it on the fire..the warmth licking at her bare cool flesh as the flames begin to roar
sarina{SoA} rises quickly and crosses the room to Master TreeHawk...she kneels at His feet...keeping her firm thighs together as she crosses her delicate ankles, hearing the little slave bells sing...she keeps her back straight, her taunt belly in and her chest thrust foreward to display her full lips...her sculptured hands rest on her silken thighs with the palms turned up to three moons of Gor
manda{Wlkr}r watches the flames flicker their beautiful orange, yellow and she leans close to the warmth...the light casting a soft glow on her pale skin
TreeHawk reaches down in his case and pulls out a new set of white silkes with SoA on them and says sarina new silks from the ship to you child .... care for them hands them to her
TreeHawk: girl go put them on and bring the old silks back to me
manda{Wlkr}r glances at sarina and her new shimmering white silks...smiling at their beauty
sarina{SoA} nods slightly and gently take the new silks from His hands thank You, Master Treehawk
TreeHawk smiles at her now go change
sarina{SoA} winks at manda and turns to go to put her new silks on.
TreeHawk looks around and sees melted snow at his feet
manda{Wlkr}r smiles innocently at Master TreeHawk

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