New Arrival's Guide to Gor


Well, it seems you have discovered the world of Gor, and it intrigues you. Welcome, to a land where men are strong in spirit and live by a code of honor. On Gor you will find imbonded slavegirls ready to serve and please you. But you may be wondering how to interact with the others in the channel. Slavegirls have an abundance of training channels where they can learn the ways of Gor, but Masters and Mistresses are left to their own devices. This page is offered as a guide to get you started without falling on your face. IRC is an interactive media, if you sit and watch like TV, you will soon become restless, so let's get started.

 When you enter a channel you should great others. Freepersons greet each other by saying "Tal." You may also want to say greetings to the slaves. Freeperson's names begin with an uppercase letter, slaves names are lowercase.

 FINDING A PLACE TO RELAX. There are very few chairs on Gor. Most places have furs or cushions on the floor, be creative and describe a place of your own. Taverns also usually have low tables scattered about as well as a hearth and usually a dancing pit.

You will find that most channels frown on "trolling," that is, coming into the channel and looking for someone to pick up. Take your time and get to know the people in the channel and don't be afraid to ask questions, we enjoy sharing information about Gor. Also get to know the channel rules.

 You should not open a private message to someone without asking first in open channel. Some Masters do not allow their slaves to accept private chats from others, do not try to force a slave to go against her Master's orders.


The slavegirls in the channels are there to serve you. What kind of service should you expect? The girls each have a style unique to them, the can serve food, drink, and conversation. They may also provide massages, foot rubs, or perhaps a sensuous dance. The Silk Codes provide information about the types of services you might expect. The girls normally include a description of themselves and the silks they are wearing when they serve you.

 Slave girls are trained to serve from their hearts. They seek to please you, your attentiveness while being served will be greatly appreciated. After you order your food or drink the slavegirl will prepare it especially for you. She will kneel at your feet, kiss the vessel she is serving and then offer it to you. After you have taken your drink, the girl will remain at your feet until dismissed.

 Remember, a collared slave is the property of another. No man of honor would use the property of another without permission. The slavegirl's Master may have placed restriction on his girl, either as a disciplinary or training measure, or because it pleases him to do so. If you are displeased with the behavior of a slavegirl, notify her Master, either in person or through memo. It is her owner's perogative to punish her.

 How do I develop an on-line persona?

If you can find the Gor novels (try used bookstores), buy and read them. They provide insight into the Gorean philosophy. I may help you to write a Gorean biography. Were you born on Gor, or did you suddenly wake up and find yourself on a strange world? Which caste do you find yourself identifying with? From your bio, consider what activities you might have been involved in during the day, and you have a conversation starter.

 What can I do besides have a drink or a meal?

 The camaraderie of friends is what keeps people coming back to the channels. Many channels have websites like this one. On these websites you may find bios on others who visit that channel and descriptions of the channel layout. Do they have a hottub or a pool? Wouldn't a swim feel good? How about a soak in the hottub? If the atmosphere in the channel is playful, could a mischievous kajira deserve getting tossed into the pool? Are you a Scribe? How about scrolls to be written or studies? A merchant? What sort of merchandise are you marketing? A warrior? Got some war stories or strategies to discuss? What are you wearing? A tunic, robes in your caste colors? Boots or sandals? Do you carry weapons?

 Many channels do not permit scening in channel. Cybersex is generally taken to "the alcoves." Gorean taverns generally have small chambers where the Masters may take the slave girl of their choice to please them intimately. On IRC Gor this generally means private chat or a private channel. The alcoves may be outfitted with manacles or whips, oils and furs, your imagination sets the limits.

 Remember the people you talk with on-line are real people. Before scening you should discuss limits and possibly a safeword. A word of caution here, some slavegirls do to themselves in real life what happens on-line. This includes receiving in real life the number of lashes with a whip that they receive on-line. Know this before you start.

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