--Night Scout Tarnsman

Algol is a tarnsman, a caste within the Caste of Warriors. The tarn is a huge bird of Gor, used for both travel and fighting. Algol rides the black war tarn Stelth and is often employed as a night scout. He was, and is, a mercenary, disappearing for a few days and returning with enough wealth to enjoy the taverns for a time.

Little is known of Algol's life before he came to Ar, and first entered the tavern called Tarnlanding. He never speaks in public of his father, Al'Gol, but one of the emblems on his slave's collars is a red gemstone carved in the shape of an eye...the symbol of the demon star..Al'Gol. The other emblem on the collars is a black sword.

Some have said that he may live on a ledge high up in the mountains, reachable only by tarn. This is not true. He keeps lodgings in Port Kar, a den of thieves and pirates, and a place where he feels at home. Stelth lives in a barn out back, with another creature, about which the less said, the better. He had lost his homestone, but has clasped hands over earth and salt with Atheas of the Tuchuks, and stands with them if needed.

Spies have reported that he has been seen landing Stelth on the catwalk of a pirate ramship just offshore; and that he goes into the mountains of Sardar at night to steal slaves. None of this has been proved, and the spies are no longer available for questioning.

Algol is a rangy six foot two, with shoulder length black hair. He usually wears black leathers and a long hooded cloak with only a red lining to show that he belongs to the caste of warriors. He carries the Black Sword slung across his back, but prefers to fight with the crossbow. Usually friendly and relaxed in the taverns; he also has a dark side, and is subject to cold rages in which he kills efficiently and without passion.

He has few possessions of value and these he guards well. His black tarn, Stelth, and the Black Sword. Admittedly, Stelth needs little protection.

Long ago Algol stole the girl lilraven from a caravan on its way to the great fair of En'Kara and sold her to the slaver Cerenus. Later, he regretted this, and bought her back. She was collared and kept as his favorite and first girl for a very long time. Then the war tarn Stelth was injured in battle and Algol offered a kajira to anyone who would heal him. Algol's Brother, LrdRaven of the caste of Assassins, who is also a healer, restored Stelth to health, and chose lilraven from Algol's chain as his payment. Algol agreed to continue to keep a watchful eye on the mischievous lilraven{LR}.

Since that time Algol has collared no other kajirae, and those Goreans he calls friend seem to understand that a mercenary tarnsman of doubtful antecedents is a poor risk for long term commitments. However, FireGoddess seems pleased to see him when she is not setting fires..and they consider themselves Companions.

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