She is kajira. She is not always knowing this thing, this one, who is the child of Freepersons. There was a time when arrogance graced her lovely, haughty face. This one was birthed upon Urth, and growing up, she is learning the weaknesses of men. Such is her power, that there are those who beg her mastery over them. Such weaklings she scorned with great disregard, sneering down upon them. Where are *real* men, this one was thinking. Then there were those who simply entreated her, but still, in their own way, she is repulsed by their lack of strength of character. Demanding she make the decisions, coddling up to her, this one turned from them. Many nights she lay in her bed, gazing up at the stars, dreaming of men, but True Men, not like those she is knowing in her life. But the stars lay silent in their cold, dark bed, refusing to answer.

Then the time of her womanhood was upon her, and the fire in her belly drove her to run beneath the bright full moon, in the acres behind her home. This one was thinking it happened to her because she fell fast asleep upon the gazing stone (a large, flat slate rock in the meadow, which she was fond of lying upon, to gaze up at the stars). Yes, it must have been then. She is waking up, and finding herself chained against a wall. This one rose up on the rug which was beneath her, filled with terror. She began to scream as she realized she was completely naked, and alone, in a room with no windows, about the space of 9' by 9'. This one screamed for a long time, but there was no response. She looked about her, but there was nothing in the room save her, the rug, and the chains. After a long time of weeping, she lay down upon the rug, and slept again.

This one is not knowing how long it was that she slept, before she was abruptly awoken by the sound of the door to the room being swung open. She crouched in terror against the wall, whimpering as a powerful looking man entered. He stood and regarded this one quietly. His expression is being perfectly even, and she is finding it impossible to say what runs through His mind. He is wearing black pants and a dark brown shirt. His arms cross and suddenly He appears thoughtful. This one was paralyzed with fear, her body curled to cover herself, and she trembles.

His eyes of ice blue raking ruthlessly over this one's curves. He strode forward suddenly, and she jumped and He grasped this one's chin, forcing her head upwards, looking into her eyes piercingly. This one stumbled backwards, desperately wishing to be anywhere but near Him. It was of no use, He simply followed her backwards for the short distance it took for her movement to be stopped by the wall. She shivered, for it was cold and merciless against her back. It reminded her of the man.

This one's eyes flew open in shock. Suddenly, she was gripped with a terrible fear, even more terrible than the presence of the man. She had heard of women being kidnapped, to be sold to wealthy Arabs overseas, far from the protection of her country.

It was amazing to this one how quickly the mood of the man could change, for instantly the steel was back in His eyes, and His grip became painful. She gasped in shocked surprise.

It was then that the man's eyes lowered. He stepped back slightly as He examined her flesh more closely. His hand lowered from her chin and began to slowly slide down her body. She began screaming and struggled furiously to escape, escape from the man, from the chains, from the room. He took no notice of this one's attempts to protest, but He seized her wrists and thrust them over her head, crushing her body painfully against the wall with His. His control was complete. He might have been inspecting a piece of china, for all the emotion He showed. How she hated Him! She did not understand why her body was reacting this way, nor did she understand the stab of white hot desire that sprang up within her heat. She hated her body for so treacherously betraying her. She cries out as He ruthlessly ravages her. To her shame, her wetness flows down his hand, and with surprising swiftness, the white hot pleasure explodes from her heat, shaking her heated flesh with seizures of pleasure.

Then as suddenly as it began, it was over. He released her, and stepped back. She immediately collapsed onto the floor, not understanding what happened to her. How could her body betray her like this?! And.. What was this pleasure that consumed her flesh, leaving her spent and helpless?

She looked up at Him. He stood over her, silently regarding her. She noticed, much to her anger, He looked completely unaffected! She watched helplessly as He lifted His hands to his mouth, and licked her wetness from it.

The next morning, the door to her room again opened, startling her awake. She backed up against the wall, shaking. It was not the man who came to her the night before, but a different man. No less menacing or powerful, however. She shrank back as He knelt down, unchaining her. He clipped a leash to her collar, turning His dark eyes to look into this one's.

This one was led outside, into the midst of a noisy crowd. She was standing on a slightly raised platform. There were other girls on the platform, each chained and wearing a collar. This one gasped at their beauty. Were they kajira too? The man unleashed her, locking her ankle to the long chain that bound all the girls together. He grinned at her, His hand slapping her bottom as He left.

Men passed by the line of girls, looking at them. Sometimes, they opened their mouths to inspect their teeth. To her surprise, the girls seemed eager for these touches. She heard several of them step forward to the men, breathily saying, "Buy me, Master!" With unfeigned terror, she realized that she was about to be sold, and by the looks of it, to the highest bidder.

Several men stopped to look at this one. She shrank back. They laughed and moved on. She slowly became aware of someone standing beside her. She turned, stumbling back in shock as she recognized the steel eyed man who touched her with such impunity the evening before. His eyes were narrow, and He looked angry.

After a long time, she noticed one Master who had hovered at the edge of the crowd, becoming aware that He had been watching her for quite some time. She blushed, and looked at Him. He looked in His late twenties to early thirties, a strong man, with long, dark hair. He wore two swords, one on either hip, and though He was powerful and full of strength, His eyes were not cruel. She bit her lower lip, and slowly held out her hand to Him. He walked towards her, taking the hand, drawing it up to inspect it.

He looked into her eyes. Gazing into them for a long time, as if taking her measure. She met His gaze, but not defiantly. Just letting Him gaze into her soul, to see what He wished to see.

The man turned aside to consult with the steely eyed man. They spoke together a long time, and finally the warrior withdrew a few coins from His pouch, handing them to the Man. They walked towards her. And so simply a girl was sold.

At long last, as dusk approached, they approached a large metal building. With a gasp of shock, she realized it wasn't a building at all, but a spaceship! But how could that be? Such things were only existing in stories! Yet.. there it was. It looked a little damaged around some places, she could see the hull cracking. She realized it was not a working ship, but a downed one. To her surprise, the Master was walking towards the door, and pulled her inside of it.

She looked around at the insides of the ship. She noticed a fireplace, and a hearth. There was something that appeared similar to a kitchen, also, along one wall. There were shelves full of dishes, some of them looking very unusual to her. She looked around in awe. It was a lovely place, beautiful, exquisite. She slowly became aware that the room wasn't empty, as He drew her to the center of it. She looked, seeing many Masters and Mistresses seated, drinking and laughing. There were kajira everywhere, laughing with them, smiling, serving drinks and food. She blinked, taking it all in.

He swept His arm around the ship. "This is my home, where my homestone resides. I have purchased you so that you may belong to it, and to all those who's homestone resides in this place. The collar I offer you is of the ship. Do you wish it?" He regarded me. Watching her reaction.

She flushed. She liked this Master. He was the first kindness she had ever known in this place. The Masters, Mistresses and kajira seemed happy to her. And also, was there a choice? She knew herself to be a slave.

That day, the day of her collaring, was not incredibly long ago. But it was long enough for her to discover the pleasure in serving, and that her heart was truly the heart of a kajira. She came to know that the Master who was so kind to her was named Master Killertrees. And truly, He was always kind to her. But in all ways, He was a Master, and brooked no disobedience. Indeed, she had no desire to be disobedient. She failed often, but this is normal, as she is in training. She has known what punishment is. Even in that, she rejoices, for knowing that she is owned, desired, wanted.

She goes. She serves. Be well.

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