This girl was born a slave, sold shortly after her birth, she was raised in the slave house of Samos of Port Kar. Until the girl was old enough to be trained in the art of pleasing a man, the girl was assistant to the house healer. the girl found the art of herbs fascinating, unfortunately her ability to remember all the herbs and their uses was not that good. But, raised with the idea that the only skill a woman should have is to please her master, the girl was ready and eager to learn the proper arts of a woman as soon as she could. Unfortunately the house healer told another healer of how well the girl worked with patients. This healer had high contacts in the house of Samos and purchased her before she had a chance to begin.

This master noticed that the girl had a small empathic ability. With some patients the girl could tell their emotional state of mind, by her reaction to them. Unfortunately, it only worked on those the girl felt close to. He tried to beat more stable readings into her, but it was not possible, in fact it only made the emotional readings less accurate. This made her a less than desirable assistant, so when he was offered a chance to unload her he sold the girl to a troupe of entertainers.

During her stay with them, the girl not only learned the ways to please a man, but also started to learn the art of dancing. By now the girl had gained the fullness of a woman; with rounded breasts, almost too much for the costume the girl wore, well-trained stomach muscles responding to the energy of the air. Dark brown hair curling down her back catching the sun with it's red highlights, blue eyes getting deeper blue in the height of passion. This was a good time for her as the girl was valued as an asset to the band and treated like a precious possession.

One day, on our way from Port Kar to Ko-ro-ba we were attacked by a band of thieves. All the men of our band were slain and the women who survived were taken as booty. They sold this girl to a tavern, where she knew no one, she was lost and shy after that, never sure what to do. This is where Master Outrider found her and, off and on over the next few years, he helped her grow. Things never quite worked between them, because He was not able to be around as much as he would like. Finally, after several attempts to get attention she did not deserve, the girl went over the edge and broke a lot of rules. Her Master had had enough and released her.

The girl wandered and made a few more mistakes before Master Killertrees found her lost in the woods. He talked to her and listened. He was not the only one she talked to, but He was the one that took control of her. He trained her and helped her to understand her submission. He brought out the passion that was always under her shyness and made her more a part of her.

Now the girl lives to please the Masters of the ship and their guests.

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