Killertrees was Son of Melaron, a blacksmith of Ar. His mother was first girl in his house. Freed by Melaron prior to the birth of the child, she remained as Melaron's Companion for life. As a young lad he would spend many a day in his fathers blacksmith shop watching his father work. To keep him out of the way, his father gave him a hammer and chisel and some wood to play with. He would spend many long hours hammering out what he saw in the blacksmith shop of his fathers.

His father intended that he learn how to read and write, but it was not easy for him to do. His schooling in those area did not advance very far, but it was enough to get him by. The other children in the area, as children often are, were not very nice to him. They would throw stones at him when the adults were not around to see. Killertrees learn quickly how to dodge the stones and even bat them away with his hands as they were thrown at him. When he had reached his mid-teens he had spend several hours a day in the shop with his father learning the working of steel and other metals, and many hours trying to learn the basics of math (which he was good at) and more reading. While on his way one day to his tutor's house some of the local bullies where throwing stones at him. There was a warrior in the alley near by watching, and he was impressed on how I was able to dodge the stone.

The warriors name was Ramius, he took him and and trained him in the arts of war. Killertrees found out that most swords that he held were not to his liking and so he designed and made a set of his own. One longer by 6 inches and thinner, with only a single edge and a second shorter then normal by 4 inches. He balances them to his liking and learned to fight with 2 swords instead of sword and shield. During his training, he spent a night with a kajira, and found out about pressure points. Though with his experimenting on the poor kajira he accidently killed her. The effected him greatly, he does not use hard force on a kajira, and often will protect kajira when their protector is away.

During his time with Ramius, his group got the worst detail that could be drawn. Ramius never knew when to keep quiet. They drew the lot to wreck havoc on the travels of Ti. What their tasks consisted of was to raid the merchants that came out of the city at first. After some time we learn how to instill fear and hysteria with-in the city itself. We are each marked by a Red serpent on our left arm somewhere. I have mine on the upper left shoulder. We would kill all in entered houses and leave everything there and mark it with our symbol. As time when on, our reputations grow and so did our numbers. To date most of us still have a high price on our heads, at least the ones still alive and not in chains.

The Fall of the Red serpent group, came about 6 years after it started. I had worked my way up to first sword with in the camp and had a bad taste in my mouth with the group. Of the loot that we would get we would send 50% of it back to our city of Ar. In the time between raids and attacks, I found that my only peace was in my wood carvings. I would give them away almost as quickly as I made them, but it help me get thru the long boring parts of life as a raider. In one of our missions (we did get them from time to time) we were escorting Johann's wife and daughter back from Ti to Ar, We were attacked by Tarnsmen who dropped stones upon us from above. I saved the life of Lady Johann and pushed her to safety as one of the rocks fell. I was not so lucky. The rock broke my hip and leg in several places. I was brought back to Ar, and left for the healers to take care of. Shortly after my recovery I had found out that the rest of my group had fallen, and had either been slain or imprisoned.

I remained for a while as one of the Guards of Ar, but my hip gave me too much trouble to do much of any really fighting save fore one on one. My knowledge is used in times of need, but now I have removed The Red Colors of the Warriors and again taken the colors of my father, the Steel Grey Colors of the Blacksmith or Metal Workers Caste.

I specialize in making weapons and ways to hide them. Most of my works are sold by exchange of favors, and the Assassin's Caste let me know if anyone is hunting for me. In return I supply them with special order weapons. I take my weapon making very seriously, and will have each person for whom I make a weapon, try some samples so I can get the right balance blade for them.

I am finally fairly well off, but I enjoy my work, and make a fair living at it also. I will take on most orders I receive and make the product that is asked. I have refused a few orders, based on thing that I and the client will only know about. Most of my order come to me and I have no idea who they are for, so to keep the anonymity of the client.

Currently I have two kajira of my own, tyki{KTs} and xiasa{KTs}. If you would like to know more about specifics of my history I will tell you in private msg, but not in the public channel. Killertrees is a little paranoid.

The pack he brings into the ship has the following objects in it at all times.

Killertrees also carries a pouch at his side which he keeps filled with chocolates for the kajirae/kajirus.
Killertrees: Weapon smith of Ar.
Killertrees: Anti-Paliden Inc.

The Paths of shadows follows a twisted pattern, while the hands outstretched pull you towards your destination. Follow the Pattern to Amber and the Hand to Chaos, we are, but the middle of reality.

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