collared in the Ship-of-Acquistion on December 27, 1997

Arianna of Treve, a name from the past that still brings tears to her crystal blue eyes. Born free, she was the only daughter of Dominus of Treve and his beloved Rhianna. Her father was of the Caste of Physicians and as a young girl, she traveled with her father, learning about medicine and the art of healing. He ocassionally took her to the Fairs, where others gathered to share information and techniques with their Caste Brothers.

After her parents's tragic death, Torus of the Caste of Assassins, her father's younger brother, came to claim protection of young Arianna. Her healing skills he needed, her beauty he desired and her innocence drove him mad. He ruthlessly stripped her of the robes of Concealment and locked his collar on her neck, making her the slave he longed for.

Angry, confused and very frightened she started her new life in bondage. Torus named her sarina and placed her for training in the slave pens of the city of Koroba. Under his strict suppervision and along side her slave sisters she discovered her submissive heart, a need to serve and serve well, a desire to please. She learned to obey and respect Torus, eventually finding joy in pleasing her Master.

His last words, as he lay in a pool of his blood after a deal went wrong were, " I love you, my slave, go and find a new home...honor my name, sarina" He removed his collar and died in her arms. Shortly after she came to the Ship, which became her home after she begged for its collar. She now serves and learns along side of her beautiful sisters, guided by the true Masters of Gor.

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