Sorth, Assassin-Warrior

Sorth was born on Urth and was brought to Gor by the Priest-Kings on a recent Voyage of Aquisition. He was dropped off on the wild and relatively unexplored Eastern Shores of the Northern Ice Countries where he rapidly became a Captain in the Ram Ship Fleet that kept the local areas free from maurading pirates and ice floes, handling each with the same cool, ruthless nature.

Sorth is a member of the BLACKROSE SOCIETY, a selected guild within the Caste of Assassins. They are known for the marking of a Black Rose tattooed somewhere upon their persons.

Generally, Sorth is easily recognizable by the Black LongSword worn Urth style, at his side and his short silver dagger at his left. Over his shoulder is slung the traditional short stabbing sword of Gor, in each high boot are a pair of TuChuk quivas with one more in a neck sheath and 2 in his waist belt.

Generally wearing a deep red cape, Sorth always has a sack, which doubles as a hood, in which he carries the clothing of his caste, the Black Caste of The Assassins of Gor.

Sorth is about 5' 10" in height by Urth measures and weighs about 210 Urth pounds. He is a sworn sword of Assassin's_Hideaway and a Protector of all within its walls, slave and FreePerson alike. Sorth has sworn to Protect all who enter, that he will take no gold for the lives of any that reside therein and woe to those that may attempt to bring harm to the ones he has sworn to defend

Master Sorth met his demise defending a slave girl. His Code was that of Honor. His home, the Assassin's Hideaway was burned to the ground shortly after his passing into the Cities of Dust. He will be sorely missed.

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