A girl was born a free person, Lilith of Thentis. Her father was of the Caste of Warriors, a great tarnsman of high regard. As a young girl, she was frequently allowed to swim in a well-guarded mountainside swimming hole hidden in the Thentis mountains. This provided her with moments of freedom from her robes of concealment. As a young girl, her father also occasionally took her for rides upon his great red war tarn, so she has experienced the power and exhilaration of riding the wind on a great war tarn of Gor.

Just after her 24th birthday, she was sent to the Sardar Fairs of Ven-Kara, as is required of all free persons before their 25th birthday. When the caravan was attacked along the way, Lilith attempted to escape through the kalana forests but her robes of concealment made passage through the forest very difficult and she was captured by a slaver from the city of Ar. She was kept in his coffle and so attended the Sardar Fair not as a free woman, but as a newly captured, untrained slave called greeniis.

Following the fair, the slaver had her placed for training in the slave pens of the city of Ko-Ro-Ba, City of the Towers of the Morning. Before her training had been completed, the city of Ko-Ro-Ba was destroyed by the Priest/Kings. The slaver managed to collect his slaves and escape the city of Ko-Ro-Ba in the confusion. We journeyed long and hard to the glorious city of Ar.

This girl fought long and hard, refusing to accept her role as slave, she could not accept that she, Lilith of Thentis, daughter of the great tarnsman, was no longer a free woman. She was numb as she existed from day to day, hoping she would awake from this nightmare of bondage.

She was first sold on the slave block to a man claiming to be a wizard for 2 gold pieces. This wizard brought greeniis north from Ar to a castle just 10 passangs from the site of the slave pens where she had begun her training. It was on this journey and under the wizard's ownership that greeniis was finally brought to realize that she was truly slave. After realizing she was indeed slave, she also realized that in being slave she had found a self she didn't know existed, a more complete self. Her joy, her happiness was in serving a master and bringing him pleasure.

Soon, the girl was loved and begged to wear the collar of Killertrees, a Warrior of HighCastle2. Master Killertrees was moved by the girl's dancing of her heart and the girl became known as tyki{KTs}. The girl wears his collar on IRC as well as in RL and continues to grow in her submission of body, mind, heart and soul to her Master.

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