1. If you COPY or STEAL a SERVE TEXT from another slave without asking her permission prior to using it in this channel and she objects, YOU WILL BE BANISHED as a THIEF!!
  2. Slaves need to ask to enter and to leave...if no one has answered after the thrid request you may leave and take it as permission has been given.
  3. If you do not wish to serve, either place yourself as "una"(unavailable), "afk" (away from keyboard), "alc" (Alcove), or -whsp (whisper chat)--do not merely ignore a request for service!
  4. There is always cleaning to do...however when that is done and there is no one requiring your services, you may enjoy the hot tub or pool within the walls or the garden out back
  5. You are not REQUIRED to accept WHISPERED CHAT, it is you and your Master's choice. If you are harassed by unwanted pvt msgs., Tell a Channel Op..DO NOT Remark In Open Channel!! ALWAYS ask permission in open channel PRIOR to messaging any FreePerson other than your Master/Mistress, except for Official Channel Business when you need assistance of an @!!
  6. The rules of your Master take precedence over any rules or instructions that you may be given in channel...if you have special circumstances, let an OP know. You will not be forced to compromise your Master's rules.
  7. Playfulness is encouraged, but there is a time and a place for all things.
  8. Slaves speak in third person.
  9. Slaves cannot be in multiple channels
  10. A Master or Freeperson may not always be right, they are by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement...the words "Yes Master"
  11. Slaves, you have volunteered your services and therefore it is an obligation that you desire and request, therefore, be attentive and serve quickly and efficiently!!
  12. Slaves scening with either their Owners, FreePersons or other slaves will be expected to maintain a sense of decency and decorum while in the Ship-of-Acquisition. When the scene passes the point of kissing, holding and cuddling, TAKE THAT ACTION TO THE ALCOVES!!
  13. This is NOT a Sex Channel and NO, people are not allowed to be in the Ship-of-Acquisition and another channel that deals with the exchange of Explicit or Pornographic Photos! YES, I do receive an Auto-Whois on any one that joins SoA, as do the other Ops. If there is a part of the word NO you do not understand, ask an OP about it!!
  14. If a slave feels that she is being harrassed by a patron in the ship, she is permitted to message a Channel OP for assistance. We do not encourage HNGs in the channel and they will be dealt with by an OP.

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