Post Dance

This is a post dance written by tyki{KTs} for Master Killertrees. The dance is one of passion and desire.
tyki{KTs} moves into the sand pit, fire in her eyes, she circles the post, her hair swirling out from her head as she spins around the post. tyki{KTs} reaches up and grasps the post above her head, drawing her lithe body into the post, she kicks her feet up and spins around her hands, locking her toes around the post, her back and legs circling the post she releases the post with her hands and begins to spiral around the post, her breasts hanging free, nipples erect as she feels the smooth post caress her back.
tyki{KTs} slowly spirals down so that her hands reach the floor, she reaches out to catch herself and slowly glides her body down from the post, her head pressed to the floor, her back deeply arched in a Gorean bow she brings her firm dancer's legs down on either side of the post, slowly she raises up on her toes, gliding her moist slave heat along the post, her desire to please her Master driving her ever onward. tyki{KTs} lowers her ivory bottom to the sand at the base of the pit and with her arms reaching upward draws herself back up to the post, she glides her body up along the post, returning to her feet, she circles the post, licking and caressing it as she would her Master.
tyki{KTs} hips writhe pressing her heat against the smooth hard post, she clasps the post and throws her head back, then pulls her body close to the post again, she begins to spin around the post and breaks free from its grasp on her, she falls to her knees in the sand.
Master Tree watches and likes the dance very very much.
tyki{KTs} full swollen breasts heave with her desire, her sex pouting and swollen with need, her eyes burning with desire for her Master's touch, her open hands caress her taut slave belly, drawing up under her breasts, lifting them to her lips she softly licks the hard rosy nipples. She stretches her legs out to her sides, pressing her heat against the course sand, her hips grinding with an unfulfilled desire, she gasps and rolls back onto her back, lifting her legs above her slowly drawing them together, her soft round bottom shimmering with sand clenching and releasing with her need to please her Master.
tyki{KTs} legs open widely again, her slave heat blossoming like a rose in the sunshine, glistening with a musky dew, hips rolling, inviting caress. The slave lowers her hips to the floor and rolls to her belly, her back gently arching like a willow branch, her hips rock against the sand, her knees being drawn up beneath her, her Master's treasures swollen with need and desire.
tyki{KTs} bottom eventually rests on her heels, her hips still rocking in a lovers beat, she glances over her shoulder, longing in her eyes, her tongue drawn softly over her full soft lips, she rises up on her knees and reaches out for the post. Suddenly, tyki{KTs} lunges for the post and spins quickly around it, encircling the post with her entire body as she glides around the smooth post, a sheen glistening on her body as she sinks to the floor at the base of the post whimpering with the unfilled need to be touched and caressed.
tyki{KTs} lifts her head, her eyes burning with the desire to please her Master, she reaches out to him, her wrists crossed, her body glistening with desire.
Master Tree takes a binding fiber from his side and smiles to his slave.
tyki{KTs} gasps and lowers her eyes in submission to her Master, praying softly to herself that she has pleased her Master
Master Tree "come here slave"
tyki{KTs} crawls on her hands and knees to her Master and kneels at his feet. The kajira dares not look up into his eyes, but kneels trembling before him, lifting her crossed wrists to him
Master Tree reaches out and takes a hand full of tyki hair, he pulls her close and kisses her passionately on the lips. His hands caresses her cheek as he kisses the girl.

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