Tether Dance

This dance begins with the Master attaching a tether to the slave girls collar and attaching the other end to a ring in the tile floor. This dance is also sometimes called a Tile or Floor Dance. The girl never rises to her feet throughout the dance. It is an expression of her desire to be pleasing to her Master and her pleading for his touch and attention.

The girl looks at her Master with fire dancing in her eyes, her slender fingers gently caressing the lines of her ivory thighs...the black pearls dangling from her ears caressing her neck...her finger tips drag softly across her taut belly following the line of the tethering strap, then gently lifting her full breasts...her red lips parting as her tongue drags slowly across her smile

Her left knee rises from the floor, her toes stretching for the ceiling, the warm dew of her desire glistening on her slave heat catches the light as her leg glides to the floor...pressing her hips and belly to the floor, her arms stretched out over her head...she stretches to her full length, her feet gliding together, her full ivory buttocks taut

Her hands glide back, arching her back, her hair falling softly on her shoulders, she stretches up on her hands, hips resting on the floor, full ivory breasts swaying between her arms her hips begin to roll softly, her desire feeding the gentle movement, her heat pressing against the hard floor, the tether draping in a soft curve from her collar to the ring, echoing the curve of her back

Her head arches back, her breath quickening, her breasts rising and falling with each breath...her hands glide back to her thighs tightening as she draws herself to her knees, her calves showing the draw of the muscles as she draws back to her knees, her full ivory buttocks cradled softly on her heels...

Her taut belly pulled firm, the lines of her body delicately reflected in the firelight, her head arching back, her auburn hair flipping around her shoulders to her back, the tether holding her neck forward

The girl's eyes shine with the passion within, her red lips moist with desire, her ivory breasts swollen, her curves gracefully illuminated, her tight belly inviting caress...

Her fingers trail down her thighs to the floor as she rocks forward, her back bowing as she lifts her hips and rises to her toes, the lines of her firm thighs showing the strength of her passion, her calves firm and tight, her breasts swaying softly between her shoulders as her hair slides from her back across her shoulders

She looks over her shoulder, her body trembling with desire and she sinks to the floor, her left leg outstretched, toes delicately pointed, her right foot dragging softly along the line of her calf, her foot comes to rest in front of her knee, exposing her glistening heat, her right hand drawn slowly from her knee and along her thigh, her eyes pleading for her Master''s touch as her tongue gently teases across her lips...

The kajira's hand glides from her thigh, across her smooth belly, lifting her breast softly, finger tips caressing her neck as she lifts her hair from her neck opening herself fully for her Master, deep green eyes aflame with desire, she leans forward on her left elbow, her tongue drawing across her full red lips, her hips softly rolling begging for her Master, her desire to please pulsing through her body...she arches her neck as she rolls back to the floor, her toes pointed, belly drawn tight, her feet draw up, her back arches, hips lifting from the floor

Her feet drawn up close as her back arches her knees spreading, her heat blossoming in the fullness of its desperate desire, she lifts her head from the floor as she presses her hands against the floor her body gracefully arched and fully opened for her Master's pleasure, the tether sliding from her shoulder hanging loose and lost in her hair

She softly loosens the bow and rolls forward to her knees as she collapses to the floor, turning to her Master, her hair clinging softly to her glistening shoulders, her back arched as she strains at the end of the tether that binds her...her hands reaching up, her fingers curling as she pleads...totally consumed in her desire to please him as her dance comes to an end

Note: This dance was written by rdrose{A^S} and performed in channel on dalNet as well as in real life. The dance comes from this girl's kajira heart. It is provided here as an example to provide you a starting point in creating your own dance. The Gorean dances are fed by the heart of the kajira, expressing her love and desire for her master. Use this as inspiration for creating your own dance, please do not just copy this one...it will not be you dancing unless you make it your own dance.

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