Gorean Food and Drink


Ka-la-na A sweet wine made from the ka-la-na fruit, either red or white. It can be served warm or cool. In Treve some prefer it heated to different degrees. It is made from the grapes of the Ka-la-na plants and some of the best come from the City of Ar. Served chilled or warm in goblets. The drink is often a symbol of romantic love and is said to do wonderous things to the fire in a slave girl's belly.

"After the meal I tasted the drink which might not inappropriately be described as an almost incandescent wine, bright, dry, and powerful. I learned later it was called Ka-la-na." Tarnsman of Gor, pg. 26

Webster's definition of incandescent: White hot, glowing, strikingly bright, radiant or clear. Sounds like a white wine to this girl.

Sul Paga Peasants paga. Brewed in large kettles from suls, a tuberous rout similar to potatoes. A strong liquor, tends to be lumpy and some desire to have the lumps strained out. Served warm in footed bowls. Said to be symbolic of physical love.
Sa-tarna Paga Paga brewed from sa-tarna, a grain which is plentiful on Gor, this is a grain alcohol similar to Earthen moonshine. Generally served warm from botas (wine skins) kept on warming racks near the hearth. Also served in footed bowls. Has a very strong kick, may leave a Warrior unsure of where he is waking up.
Kal-da A beverage, served hot from copper kettles, of cheap ka-la-na wine and the juices of fruits, such as tospit and larma, and spices. Served in a mug, it is cheap and will get you drunk eventually, and is actually pretty good, until you get to the bottom of the kettle. Served warm in a mug.
Black Wine Made from coffee beans from Thentis brought back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the coffee of Earth. It is best served in the style of the desert; small cups, very hot, thick and sweet. Black Wine is usually delivered with a small bowl of bosk cream and 2 small bowls of sweet rocks, one of Red sweet rocks and one of Yellow sweet rocks. Although a girl may ask a Master how he would like his Blackwine and prepare it with cream and sweet rocks before delivering it. Plain blackwine can be had even in lower class establishments. Served in a mug.
Bazi Tea A beverage of leaves steeped in hot water. The tea from Bazi is very much like the orange pekoe of Earth. It is served in higher class establishments. Traditionally served in three tiny cups which are drunk in rapid succession. This can be a very beautiful tea service, reminiscent of the Japanese tea ceremony of Earth.
Rence Ale Gorean Ale is closer to a Honey Lager than to an ale or beer...a deep gold in color, and brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from earth in the early years. It is traditionally served in a goblet as above.
Slave Wine
  • Diluted kalana, a slave may be permitted this diluted kalana on special occasions.
  • A bitter wine, given to slaves on a recurring basis. This wine is actually a means of birth control provided by the Priest-Kings. Originally the formula had to be re-administered each month, but through improvements in technology, the formula has been made stronger and is only required once to provide a life-time of birth control. A fertility antidote is available in cases where a Master wishes to breed a slave.


Bosk This animal closely resembles a Yak of Urth, used for many things on Gor. Can be served roasted and sliced, or as steaks. The milk of the bosk is very drinkable and can be used to make cheese and churned for butter. Basically, if you can do it with beef on earth, it is okay with bosk on Gor.
Grilled Tabuk The tabuk is described as a one horned, yellowish antelope. The meat is then grilled.
Tarsk Similar to the boar or wild pig of Earth. Roast tarsk on the spit is yummy.
Verr A goat-like animal. The meat can be eaten. It's milk can be used for drinking or the making of cheese and butter.
Vulo A small pidgeon-like bird. Can be cooked and eaten. The very small eggs are cooked for the breakfast meal by frying them in a large, flat pan. Takes several birds or many eggs to make a meal for a hungry Warrior.
Thassian Lobster Served boiled with drawn bosk butter and tospit juice. A very succulent and sensual meal for a special Master.
Sul Starchy. Tuberous root of the sul plant, a golden brown (not unlike the potato on Urth). One way of serving is to break it open and fill it with melted Bosk cheese. Can be distilled into the drink called paga.
Cosian Wingfish Called so for it's ability to fly above the waters of Thassa for short distances. It's livers are considered a delicacy.
Parsit Fish Slender, striped fish.
Sa-Tarna Bread Sa-tarna is a grain, yellow in color. It is a staple of Gor. It is brewed into Paga. It is also ground and used to bake the Sa-Tarna Bread that is a staple food at every Gorean meal. The bread is a rounded, flat loaf that is yellow in color. It is marked, before baking, into six sections.
Tospits The tospit is yellow in color. Small, citrus fruit that is about the size of a lemon. They are bitter, but edible. Often they are dried and candied.
Chocolate Made from beans brogught back on one of the early Voyages of Acquisition, this is the same as the chocolate of Earth. It is served in higher class establishments. Master Killertrees is known to have a pouch filled with chocolates for kajira who have pleased him.
Peas These are mentioned as a menu item, but not described.
Olives These are commonly from the City of Tor. (referred to as Torian Olives.)
Cheese Can be made from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr.
Sugar Two varieties are commonly used, the Red Sweet Rocks and the Yellow Sweet Rocks. It is believed that the Red Sweet Rocks are made from fruits and the Yellow Sweet Rocks from the juices of crushed cane stalks.
Butter Churned from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr.
Red Olives These come from the groves of Tyros.
Tur-Pah It is an unknown type vegetable.
Larma Fruit Saved this girl's favorite fruit for last. The larma is a sweet fleshy fruit similar to a peach. This fruit when served sliced with a honey glaze may be a symbolic plea by a slave to be used sexually by the one she serves. A girl is wise to consider carefully when she serves larma fruit. Although the symbolism is specifically related to larma slices with a honey glaze, over time this symbolism has carried over to all serves which include larma fruit.

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