Sample Serve

by a kajirus

This is a sample serve by a kajirus to his Mistress. It contains all the key elements of a Gorean serve and shows the boys' devotion to his Mistress. It is an excellent example for both kajirus and kajirae. Each serve should be typed out fully and from your heart. Include within the serve a description of yourself. Remember that humans are visual creatures, paint a picture of yourself in all that you do.

thorn{R} kneels at the door and places his head to the floor and his hands out in front of him.. his palms pressed to the floor as he whispers "may this boy enter?"
Rosaleen: enter boy...

thorn{R} Thank you Mistress Rosaleen.. and greetings
Rosaleen smiles as her kajirus enters the hall

thorn{R} moves over to the serving mats and kneels down with his knee spread wide and his hands palms up on them.. His back is straight and his shoulders are pulled back.. He lowers his eyes as his chin is high showing off his collar
Rosaleen smiles as she looks the boy over...licking her lips softly...and nods
thorn{R} Mistress may this boy be of service to you?
Rosaleen: thorn...bring me a chilled kalana...the day has been quite warm
thorn{R}: Yes Mistress Rosaleen, would you like red kalana or the white kalana this day Mistress?
Rosaleen: mmmmm...I think I shall have white today boy
thorn{R} bows to the Mistress and says "yes Mistress Rosaleen"
Rosaleen smiles and watches the boy with a keen eye
thorn{R} stands up and lets his small loin cloth fall over his groin, he turns and start to walk towards the servery. His long dark hair falling to his bare back with a few wild curls floating in his step. He crosses his hands at the small of his back as he walks and keeps his eyes lowered.
thorn{R} enter the server and looks over the high self, he spots a goblet that would be fitting for such a lovely Mistress.. He pulls down a crystal goblet with a fine etching of a sun set on the waters of an unknown lake.. He reaches up for it and his loin cloth raises a bit showing of his well shaped bottom to her. He takes a rep cloth and start to rub the goblet and remove any dust that may have collected on it, making sure it is clean enough
Rosaleen winks to the boy...her eyes drinking in his form
thorn{R} places the goblet to his chest and moves over to the cooling well.. He kneels down next to the cooling well and sets the goblet down .. he reaches into the well and tests several of the bota by placing them to his chest.. nodding he has found the best he places the strap over his shoulder and stands up taking the goblet back to his heart.
Rosaleen watches and smiles as she sees the care the boy takes in his service
thorn{R} looks to the Mistress as he approaches her and then lowers his eyes as he gets near to her. He lowers to his knees gracefully and spreads them apart for her viewing pleasure as the loin cloth raises up. He sets the goblet between his legs and takes the bota from his shoulder
Rosaleen smiles and enjoys what she sees
thorn{R} brings the bota to his lips and presses his teeth into the cork as he pulls it from the bota.. he then lowers the bota to the goblet and slowly fills it to just below the rim of the goblet. Raising the bota once again to his lips he places the cork back in and sets it to one side.
thorn{R} lifts the goblet up from the floor and places it to his sucked in belly. He slowly traces it up to his heart where he holds it there for 3 longs heart beats, one for submission, one for devotion, and one for the joy of serving. He then raises the goblet to his lips and kisses the rim, turning it in his hand so that the kiss now faces the Mistress he holds it out to her with outstretched arms and lowered head. he says softly :
Rosaleen leans forward and listens to the boy...
thorn{R}: Mistress Rosaleen, this humble slave brings you white kalana in hopes that you will find it cooling and refreshing on this day. this boy hopes that you find some small pleasure in his serve and honors his Mistress with this serve
Rosaleen smiles as she runs her manicured hand along the strong lines of his shoulder and arm...taking the goblet in her hand and lifts her veil to bring the goblet to her lips drinking from where the boy has kissed it...
Rosaleen: thorn the kalana is good, and your attention to details in your serve have once again honored and pleased me...
thorn{R} lowers his hand to his thighs with his palms facing to the sky.. he Leans forward and places his head between her feet with his forehead to the floor to await further instructions from her.
Rosaleen: you may kneel at my side boy :)
thorn{R}: thank you Mistress Rosaleen..
Rosaleen blushes
thorn{R} moves to Mistress Rosaleen's side kneeling in nadu with his head held high to show off her collar so all that can see.. he moves close to her but does not touch her in any way ..
Rosaleen reaches out and runs her fingers through his long hair...sipping her kalana and looking about the room

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