A Girl Speaks of Slave Silks

This girl, owned by Master Killertrees, has been asked to share what she has learned about the silks of the kajirae of Gor. Firstly, this girl must state that indeed there are differences in the meaning of the silks given to a girl by her Master between the silks in the scrolls of Master John Norman, and the silks of IRC Gor. This girl will point out those differences as she describes them.

Very few slave girls of John Norman's Gor were white silk. For white silk denotes that the girl is a virgin, that she is not yet opened to men. There may be some attraction to a Master in owning a white silk slave, for the novelty of it, but a girl was seldom kept as white silk for very long, unless perhaps she was to be a tower slave and serve a Mistress and not have the fire in her slave belly lit. On IRC Gor, many taverns keep their girls in white silk while they are in training, as a means of protecting them while they are in training, on IRC white silk slaves are only to be punished by their Master or the tavern that owns them, and they are not for the sexual use of others. Some girls are told to serve any other than their Master as white silk, their sexual use being reserved for their Master only.

The tavern slaves of John Norman's scrolls wore diaphonous yellow silks, when they were permitted silks. Their use went with the price of a bowl of paga, their discipline or punishment was reserved for the tavern that owned them, their use was negotiated between the patron of the tavern and the tavern owner. There are some yellow silk slaves on IRC Gor, though there are some channels that refuse to recognize yellow silks saying there was no such thing in the scrolls. This girl humbly asks they read Hunters of Gor, page 55 and 56, Vella, formerly known as Elizabeth Cardwell of Urth, was found serving paga in a tavern in Lydius, and the paga slaves of the tavern are all wearing yellow silks. This is but one reference this girl knows of to yellow silk paga slaves.

More common on Gor were the red silk slaves, the pleasure slaves, trained in the arts of pleasing a Master. Many were trained in the slave pens of Ar and Ko-Ro-Ba, though many a Master preferred to train his slaves to suit his own tastes. The more training a girl received, the higher the price commanded for her on the auction block. They may have been trained in serving drinks and food, but also in pleasuring a Master sensually, visually, and intellectually. She may have been trained in the slave dances, and erotica, but she would also have been trained to use her intellect to be creative to find new and varied ways to please her Master. They were much sought after on Gor, for a red silk slave, her silks having been bloodied in her opening to men, would have the fire in her slave belly lit and burning fiercely. Her use was for that of her Master and what ever gave him pleasure, to include offering her use for the night or a specified period of time to a friend or colleague. It did not necessarily mean that she was for the use of all. For to use the collared slave of another without permission from her owner could mean impalement on the walls of the city for the user. On IRC Gor there are many interpretations of the meaning of a red silk girl. It may mean that she is for the use of those other than her Master, or it may just mean that she has been trained in the dances of Gor, it could even mean only that her Master prefers to see her in the vibrant color of red or his caste color.

Passion slaves, black silk girls, were an even rarer commodity on Gor, for one thing no Urthen girl could ever be a black silk pleasure slave. Black silk slaves were specifically bred for certain attributes, thick lips, luscious curves, and most had a club foot, for the intensive breeding to seek those attributes. Some passion slaves were kept in the slave pens in special rooms and never in their lives saw a male, until the time of her sale. On IRC Gor, black silk slaves are either the property of an Assassin (wearing his caste color), or exquisitely trained in seduction and dance techniques. However, in some channels on IRC, black silks may denote an unowned slave.

And then there are any number of other color silks, the color only meaning that it pleases the Master to see his girl in a particular color. Usually chosen to compliment a particular attribute of the kajira.

On IRC Gor the girls are prone to describing their silks swirling and floating, across their legs, perhaps rising to expose their thighs. In the scrolls, slave silks were but a bit of silk, perhaps 18 inches in width, and long enough to encircle her body, tied in a releasing knot at the shoulder and held closed at the waist by a length of binding fiber, which might be used to bind the slave if removed. This girl tells you from real life experience, such silks do not swirl, they do not float. Rather they cling and creep, and part along the side, they cover very little, but feel luscious as they move across her body as she moves. There is no way to kneel in nadu without being fully and openly exposed to the Master she serves. Kajira, try wrapping yourself in a silk scarf, and practice serving in only the scarf, then you shall know the beauty and openness of slave silks. And yes, they do come off very quickly.

Silk Color Book Meaning IRC Meaning
White Virgin, not opened to men In training, or reserved for her Master's use, no sex and they kneel in the tower position
Yellow Tavern Slave, kneels in nadu, but her sexual use is included in the price of the bowl of paga Rarely used on IRC, but indicates she can warm laps, kiss, be teased, and kneel nadu, but she needs permission from the tavern owner or her protector to alcove
Red Strictly speaking meaning a girl had been opened to men and the fire in her slave belly was lit, may have received training in slave dances Multitude of meanings: available for use by any, trained in the dances and skills of pleasuring Masters, her use is usually decided by her Master
Black Passion slaves, bred for specific attributes, thought to be extremely well trained in the passion arts Extraordinarily trained slave, very adept at Gorean dances. May also denote an unowned slave.

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