The outside is not everything, for grace is in the mind,
even if not everyone will know just how to find
the soul of someone in their eyes, instead of in their clothes,
or in their bodies or their face or how their hair now grows.
A soul is seen in people's deeds, what they to others give,
in how they care for others who also in this world live.

And who am I to tell you this, me who also knows
that people only judge by that what just the outside shows?
I fear I have exactly the same problems as you do,
something that both you and I will every time turn to..
How usefull is advice from one who can't solve this as well?
And yet, I wish you'll find some hope in what I have to tell.

I know if I don't love myself, I shine out all that hate,
and people see that shining out, and recognise the state.
And so they yell 'How ugly..' and they think they judged me well,
but it's my inside, not my outside that made them react so fell.
For if I walk the same street with those people on a day
that I feel good and strong then they have nothing left to say.

And who am I to comfort you, so many miles away?
I cannot even hold you tight, despite all that I say.
All I can do is play with words, and then send them to you,
and hope that is enough, for I know nothing else to do.
And yet, I do feel close to you, if not then in the flesh,
well, then it's surely in the mind, and there we both are fresh.

I know loving yourself is hard, I'm still not good at it.
Remember then to love yourself as once your lover did.
Don't force yourself too fast to try to do too much too hard,
but don't give up on yourself either, and make a new start.
And if you want to talk I'll try to be right there for you,
but to be good at that I'll have to take care of me too.

And who am I to tell you this, because I make it sound
like it is very simple, like you never have been bound,
by other's needs or by the past, or weakness of your will?
Well, I am one who knows this and who's fighting daily still.
You have a lot of work to do, but on my soul I bet
you'll get through this and make a change, and you'll be happy yet.
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