Wild Child


This one saw you in the tree, and suddenly saw you were free,
we are so different, she and you, and this one knows not what to do.
She thinks you are a nature child, and saw your spirit, free and wild.
Child of the wolf, a child of woods, and this one is just seen as goods..
But yet she sees a little shine, of what she wished that she could find,
in what you told her of your soul, and wishes she could be so whole.

She's tried to save some from the pain, not for money or for gain,
but since by the way that she behaves, it is herself she really saves.
You make your choices, nature child, and this one, be she soft and mild,
will help you and will find some strength, you on your chosen path will
And if you choose to find your death, she'll know it's better for you yet..


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