A woman's strength lies in her heart

(Melody: Greensleeves)

The power of men seems invincible, the right of the strongest is their own,
their force and strength can be terrible, as by height and muscle is shown.
Strong of body, and stronger then - a woman, that is of men a part.
This force is the inner strength of a man, but a woman's strength lies in her heart.

War was thought out by men, we know, they often take death to be one of their trades,
just so in women the lifebleedings flow, and without them there would be no babes.
Life against death is a very strange fight, for every ending is also a start,
as men use the weapons of force against life, a woman's strength lies in her heart.

For honor and pride are held in men's soul, which often only will lead to death.
But women know that the world is one whole, holding life safely instead.
So which one is stronger, the swaggering boast, or the help of a guardian to her ward,
and which of the two gives the world the most, a man's force or a woman's heart?



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