Gorean Slave, Real Life and IRC

An IRC slave girl's dream, fantasy or nightmare. This girl sits here night after night serving faceless entities in the channel, but is it only cyber? There are real people behind those nicks, real hearts within those { }, this girl sees the fireplace, the furs, hears the music and laughter. Those real hearts of the real people, longing for a relationship, building relationships and friendships, it is only natural that some of these people long for a real relationship, for the slave girl to actually kneel at her Master's feet, to actually be in the same room with her Master. Crossing the line from IRC to real life, is this your dream, or is it a nightmare?

The news and talk shows tell tales of internet romance, they tell of great love matches and of the horrors of meetings gone awry. Unfortunately, this girl has seen both sides of the coin, and the tales of heartache seem to outweigh those with happy endings.

The heartache meetings range from simple disappointments because it just didn't click in real life, to the truly scary nightmare meetings. These are planned as consensual meetings that go horribly awry and wind up with someone being horribly hurt. A girl runs into a Master who thinks he must beat her in order to prove he is Master, or that he must follow to the letter what is in the books with no concern for the human being who is submitting her slave heart to him.

This girl's heart is heavy this night, for an IRC sister who so longed for a real life Master. The sister followed her heart's desire to serve a Master, and took the journey that many hope and dream for, to meet her IRC master in real life. Unfortunately, the sister put her trust completely in the Master, and did not plan for all that could and would go wrong.

No true Gorean Master would put his valuable, prized kajira in harms way. The kajirae were prized possessions on Gor, often fed before Freewoman because of their value. On Urth, there are some realities which did not exist on Gor. Realities like AIDS and a different set of cultural laws. On Urth, we seek the Gorean way of life, to satisfy a need to serve, to be pleasing to a Master, it is a consensual bondage. But some Master's on Urth are less than honorable, and cross the line beyond consent. Yes, the girl subjects herself to the Master, but here on Urth certain realities dictate precautions, such as the use of condoms with one you do not know.

A sister went to visit her IRC master, with an understanding that condoms were to be used, and yet he immediately violated that restriction. The sister did not have her safety net well planned. Though she contacted others, they were too distant to be able to reach her. In her heart she still wanted to be loved by her Master, to please him, she stayed to try to please him in ways other than sex. This sister has now been harmed, he used her ruthlessly, even after she repeatedly told him no, that is not why she was there. Before he crushed her slave heart, he raped her, and violated her. And claimed it as his due, his right. What is even worse, is before he exacted this price, he told another on IRC that beyond this visit he would have no use for the girl.

Sisters, for those of you contemplating a meeting with your IRC Master, this girl asks you, is this what you truly want. A master who will crush you into the ground with brute strength, and strangle your slave heart? Or are you seeking a Master you can happily serve, submit yourself to, respect and honor? This girl suggests that the Master described above is one of the type who give the IRC a black eye. She knows that not all are like him, but he is the type the Urth news will pick up on.

To give some balance to this story, this girl recognizes that some real life meetings go well. They are few and far between. When it works it is because the limits are well established in advance, the expectations spelled out. This girl is lucky to have been one of the lucky ones, who had a wonderful meeting with her IRC Master. But she went into the meeting with her eyes open. She had double and triple back up and escape plans. She had a safeword, others knew where she was. She had money for a hotel room should she need to escape in the middle of the night, she had her own car so she wasn't dependent on him for her escape. She had codes established and a schedule for contacting others during the visit. She spoke openly and honestly with her Master before making the trip of her fears, her uncertainties.

With Master's gentle understanding and acceptance of the limitations of this girl's heart, the trip took place. Her heart pounded as she approached the meeting place. The first meeting went exactly as planned, things went well. Master understood a girl's nervousness, and had made back up plans himself. Movies they could see, a mall for shopping, garden work, house work, sightseeing outings, all non-threatening, non-sexual activities should either one wish to back out of the real life intensity. As a girl said, the visit went well, the girl found her desire to please her Master grew, because he respected her need to take things slow, understood that this was a significant step in her life, and from his nurturing, his caring for his kajira, she grew to be even more totally owned by her Master, her desire to serve and please deepened.

Dear sisters of Gor, this girl pleads with you, before you run to visit your IRC Master in real life, please take a moment to plan for what you would do if things started going wrong. That moment to use your head could save you from pain for a lifetime. Please, know your Master as well as you can on IRC, and have a back up plan and be prepared to use it if you have need of it. We are slaves in our hearts, and we submit ourselves to our Masters. But remember that a Master who would harm his kajira, physically or emotionally is not an honorable Master.

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