Kajira: A Master's perspective

by Master Vhel`nth

I have been in the world of Gor for nearly two years now, and I have observed and experienced much in that time. What I wish to comment on is my personal view of a kajira's life, from the Master's point of view. First of all, it needs be said that Gor is an idea, a concept, and as such, different people perceive and interpret it differently. Different Masters and slaves have different ideas about what kind of behavior is Gorean, what is acceptable, what crosses the line. The problems occur when those with extreme ideas of what is Gorean and little space for tolerance insist that one is "not of Gor" and harasses, even verbally attacks another person because they are not as "hard-core" as they. Their kind gave those more open-minded and tolerant a bad name, and make us all look bad. That in mind, I present this view, stated above as my own PERSONAL view, of a kajira's role in Gor. My views may view from your own---if that is the case, and you're open-minded, then fine. If you are not so open-minded, then fine, as well, just don't come to me with your gripes.

If I were to be asked to describe a kajira in as few words as possible, asked to sum up the whole concept of a Gorean slave in two words, I would say: a treasure. To me, a slave is something to be valued, to be fussed over and adored, as well as to be served by. A kajira is property, is owned by her Master; once she wears his collar, she is his heart body and soul, which is why it is important that both Master and slave be sure of what they want before the collar clicks closed. Many a Master I have known has collared a girl and later found her to be not what he wanted, not what he thought, and disgusted and angry, turned her loose, to fend for herself. Many a kajira heart has been shattered that way, never to recover. Perhaps some Masters feel this is just, that it matters not to them the concerns and feelings of a simple slave. Those Masters do not view a kajira as a treasure, but as merely another possession, to be used and then discarded at their leisure. And, in my opinion, those are not TRUE MASTERS.

For a true Master is one who values and cherishes his kajira, who views her as a priceless treasure and lets her know it from time to time. This is the kind of Master that will touch the kajira's heart and soul, and endure her to him always. A Master needs to be strict, but fair, else the slave walk all over him, making HIM the slave and HER the Master. But one does not abuse a slave heartlessly for the sheer joy of it, or make a slave serve him out of fear and expect to keep the slave long, for if all else fails she will flee or die trying.

It has been my experience that it is a poor Master that HAS to resort to physically punishing his slave to get her obedience and servitude. If one has truly touched a slave's heart and soul, truly endeared her to him, she is filled with such love and devotion for her Master that the idea of displeasing him is to her hell on earth. Such a Master need not beat her to reduce her to tears, merely telling her that she has displeased him, that he is disappointed in her, is enough to tear her heart and reduce her to tears, begging to be forgiven and eager to prove herself worthy of his collar. While some kajira DO find physical punishments such as spanking both terrifying and arousing, and sometimes playfully provoke a Master to gain a "punishment"---which is more a pleasure---the distinction to be made is that is not necessary to use it for a slave truly endeared to a Master.

So, one would ask, how do you make a slave love and respect and need you so much? You cannot *MAKE* a slave love you. A slave has always a choice, believe it or not, and in bondage most slaves are freer than many a Master. A slave can DECIDE whether or not to serve, whether to obey or o take the punishment, whether to stay or flee a Master's attentions, whether to commit and love and cherish a Master or not. And many slaves, having trustingly offered themselves heart and soul to an unappreciative Master before, are wary and reluctant to give such devotion and commitment to a Master too soon. That is why you must get to know a slave before you grant one your collar, for there must be a bond, an attraction, a love and devotion before the collar clamps shut if you expect one afterwards. While Tarl Cabot was able to endear kajirae to him somewhat easily, without much more than a kind word and a trip to the alcoves, most of *US* living in the here and now are not so lucky. Thus my advice is to view your kajira as a treasure, to be valued, used as you wish, but always with a level of respect and love. You will be more than satisfied with the results.


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