The Lessons of Kajuralia

written on 1 April 1997

On the IRC, Kajuralia is a day of switching roles, where Masters serve the slaves, and slaves play tricks on the Freepersons of Gor. There is much merriment made as the day approaches, for don't we all wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the fence. This girl humbly relates the lessons she learned very early on her first Kajuralia (holiday of slaves).

A girl was much anticipating the beginning of kajuralia, she laughed much at the thought of Masters serving the slaves and the fun that would be had on this upside down, switched around day. She counted down the minutes, laughing at the trepidation felt by the Masters. Then the 20th Ahn was upon us and it was Kajuralia.

This girl moved quickly and was the first to collar her Master, which she did in a private ceremony. She used a simple black ribbon with roses as the collar, and asked if he would wear her collar for this day. By his honor and code he was bound to honor the spirit of the day and he humbly agreed to wear this slave girls collar. For the day she named him Sorth{rr}, recognizing that he was a Master collared in the spirit of kajuralia.

A girl felt rather ridiculous commanding her Master, yet she did. As she watched his first serve to her, her eyes began to fill with tears. This turn about day was not the fun she had anticipated. Instead it pointed out to her that she was truly slave, and that honestly and in her heart she was not and could not be a Mistress. She also saw in her most honorable Master his devotion to fulfilling the commitment of the day. A girl realized just how wrong this turn about, this switching of places was, but her Master insisted on completing the day as her collared slave. Though she offered to call off the celebration of the day, together they returned from the private ceremony to highcastle2 where her loving Master/slave for a day served her kalana. He served her beautifully, honoring the day, but her eyes filled with tears as she noted that this was not who they were.

Gor is about being true to yourself, of being who you really are. Perhaps the idea of kajuralia is amusing to many, as it was to this girl until she actually experienced it. After only 40 Ehn, this girl was wishing and praying that this day of falsehoods would come to an end. She was no Mistress, she was no Freeperson, she was only slave and her slave heart ached to serve her Master. She longed for a return to the truthfulness of being who she truly is deep in her heart. Perhaps the true lesson of kajuralia is that a girl is indeed most happy being the devoted Gorean slave girl within, for anything else is a falsehood, and even a falsehood in jest is most painful.

A girl's Master honored her very much on this day of kajuralia, but a girl also hopes she can hide in his abode and let this falsehood pass by unnoticed next year. For with a code of Truth and Honor, this day is a day of breaking that code and being untrue to oneself and others.

rdrose{A^S} humble devoted slave girl of the most honorable Master Sorth


As we approach Kajuralia Day, this girl offers her thoughts from last year's Kajuralia Day, she will again participate, but not so much in the role switching as in the opportunity to play harmless tricks on the Masters without retribution. Her Master has ordered that she not hide on this day, but to participate. She will participate, but more as a day to have fun than as a day to truly switch roles, for in her heart she is slave.

tyki{KTs} is owned heart and soul by Master Killertrees of #Ship-of-Acquisition

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