by Master Kyrerus

Observe the dancing Kajira... is she not pretty? Notice the way her supple curves and loving slides excentuate every part of her body? Most pleasing I would say. Watch her eyes, however. See that man over there, the one in the Crimson... It is to him her eyes turn and to his her body beckons. Notice the way he steers her. Doubtless he is the one who commands her in her thought and deed. But her collar is that of a tavern slave. Doubtless He has alcoved with her, raped her and used her as we all have. She is a winsome slut. But she differs to him, even in the common eye. Notice him, proud, even as his gaze slips to the one serving me right now. And notice her blush as he watches. There are Men, friend, and you and I are Men. That one, however, is a true Master.

Is it no wonder the kajira flutter over him like shesleen in heat. Shameless sluts. Even the way he looks at a woman gives her promises that soon she might feel his whip. I doubt he needs it. For a True Master, a woman is most pleasing without discipline. She knows it, and cannot help herself. Doubtless he was many such women, begging for his collar as they dance in private alcoves.

I heard tell of a farmer, a mere Peasent, brought to great rishes because of his slave trade. He could not help it... he felt compassion for some slave he'd see sold for little... at the end he after he had no room in his stables for her, he had increased her price tenfold. A Warrior does not a Master make.

But what hold do they have over their slaves. I suspect it is more then steel, for we all bind and chain our slaves. And it is not the whip. I have seen you crack the whip on your slave and be unable to bring the passion out of your slave that Warrior can with but a glance and curled smile. How does he do it? I can only conjecture. By the way, Tal. I am Kyrerus, a Physician, an apothecary by specialty, even though I know all the tools of my trade. I have seen you purchase slavewine I have made, and your dear little collared wench wears perfume I have brewed. How much do you want for her? Alas, she is not for sale. My loss.

Perhaps he knows what we should all remember, that a woman isn't free until she gives herself, fully and completely to her inner desires. It is said that the slaveheat is the only whip and chain a true slave needs. So for one to truly Master, one must take for himself her inner fires and mold them to his whim. The result is more then mere obedience, but the total surrender of the slave to her fate. It changes at that point from total despair to total subservience, as her mind follows the bondage of her body.

One way is to deny the slave release, while still requiring her to be the most passionate painfully pleasing little wench she can be. A true slave soon begs for release... not many fail to surrender to such cruelty.

Reward the little one as well. A pleasing female wishes to know that they have been pleasing. It is the very center of their existance, and the only measure of their security. They can be lent out or sold, used, raped, chained, ignored, chastised, slapped, tickled, watched, and a Kajira cannot grow accustomed to any single form of treatment. They know that the true Man is a fickle beast. Only by being pleasing do they continue to exist, and only by knowing that they are pleasing do they know their value as a Woman. As it is said, a Woman's value is her selling price.

The Cycle of Mastery is simple. You punish them when they are in the slightest bit displeasing, and reward them when they are. They enjoy the rewards, and learn that only your good graces allow them such pleasures. Do NOT allow them pleasures or rewards that you yourself did not give them. But be fair and rewarding when they are utterly pleasing.

Soon, they will look forward to pleasing you, because of the excitement of the promise of possible reward. At this point be sparing, and they will try harder to please you. Soon they will learn how pleasurable it is to simply have the honour of pleasing you. The transformation will be noticable. She will only be happy if she knows that your needs have been met. She will beg for you to so much as call attention to you. If you take her to serving taverns to earn some honour for yourself, her serves will be that much more exciting and pleasing. She will try hard to please other Masters, for she knows that by doing so, you will gain esteem and honour in return.

But what if another Master deems it necessary to harm your slave?

This on the surface would look as though the slave was unpleasing. And in a sense she has and therefore must be punished in turn. But remember as you do the lesson of the Whip's Carress... the punishment.. in the end, must be tempered with the pleasure and honesty of your forgiving mercies. She will then learn to be more pleasing in the future.

However, the Master deserves not your forgiveness.

Treat him like any rogue who would dare defile your property. Tell other Masters, ones who have learned to respect and admire you, for they know a True Master and even your dominance can hold them in sway. They will find the offender and the rogue's continued existance will be harrowing.

For the sweetest revenge of all, politely inform a free woman.

A true Master knows the difference between Free Women and Kajirae. Respect their freedom. The ones you see in the corner are audacious enough to show their Veils in the presence of Men in a common tavern. They have may been Ladies here far longer than you... respect the strength that they have so kindly earned. Tavern Ladies tend to have much influence, they have powerful allies who would not wish to see them Enslaved by outside influences. They have to be strong to carry their position. Many are even more powerful then the Men... they are the ones you must fear. Respect them as you do a wild sleen, for as pretty and fierce as they seem, they tend to have sharp claws and teeth as well.

See these walls, the steel, the silks the slaves wear? Do you believe that this is what makes Gor what it is? Go to a tavern in Treve, notice how the slaves are differently clad, the dances carry the unique Trevian flavor. Notice again the sultry sluttiness of one in a Turian Collar, or the rough untamed passion of the Wagon People's Kajira. All places are different, as all Men are different. And, all Kajira are different. I have asked then... what is Gor? If not the silk, if not the steel, then what makes up that home which we know and honour?

It is passion. Gor is passion. Remember that the next time you watch a beautiful serve or take the slave by your feet. There is gold and steel, my friend. Simply Gold and Steel.

Remember then, that your role as a Master is first and foremost a Teacher. The lessons you give your Kajira must change her, for a Teacher does not Teach unless the student returns changed.

Ah, my slave has found me, is she not lovely? Doubtless she will attend my knee and beg to serve me blackwine. I will cease our conversation now, as if I am distracted from my enjoying her serve, she will doubtless distract me from our discourse.

So Be Well, friend, and may you find the true slave we all desire, and may she bring out the Master she truly needs.

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