The Island of Shadows

Walking in the shadows, walking in the mists,
walking through soft swirling veils of longing and desire,
wander through your daydreams, swirling with sweet bliss,
find the fears, the hopes, the needs, the dreams and the dark fire.
What this isle will bring you, I cannot foretell,
it will give you but a mirror of what lies inside you.
Let yourself be taken, by its gentle spell,
find out what you really want, for then soon it will find you.

Share the things you find here, with the ones you meet,
those that walk along the same paths where you wander freely.
For the way they show you, follow you or lead,
gentle, strong, compassionate, tough, loving, wild or steely,
that and more to show you, and find their own way,
that is why they walk this path and you will give the same.
Respect them and their journey, open always stay,
and you will discover much and be glad that you came.


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