Night Flight on Tarnback

This is a log of a late night adventure of two kajira and two Masters. Gorean kajira do not spend all of their time serving paga and kalana. Gor is not entirely composed of paga taverns, it is an entire planet, filled with many adventures to be explored.

Algol smiles..
Algol now, very good!
rdrose{A^S} enters quietly
ysanne enters beside her sister, looking around her with wide eyes.
Algol this is my home...and my tarn, Stelth...lives just out back. We are in the outskirts of Port Kar...
ysanne feels her heart begin to throb with excitement at finally coming into close contact with one of the fierce war-birds she has dreamed of for so long.
rdrose{A^S} smells the sea air and realizes how close we are to Thassa the Sea
ysanne Ah, sister...this is wonderful!
Algol Now, come with me.. and show no fear of Stelth, he is only half tame, and may kill even me someday.
Algol one moment.. Algol rummages in a chest.
ysanne straightens her spine and walks easily forward, her whole mind bent on the meeting with the tarn.
rdrose{A^S} walks quietly heeling behind Master Algol...stepping softly so her ankle bells don't chime too loudly
ysanne whispers
ysanne That is wise, rdrose...this one should be careful of the chains of her Sirik too...
rdrose{A^S} nods and smiles
Algol finds a large cloak.. it will be cool up higher.
Algol and the kajiras walk past the sauna.. and out the back.
Stelth rises..and looks hungrily at the slaves.
Algol This is not your dinner,my good bird!
ysanne widens her arms and steps back.
ysanne Ohh...he is beautiful.
rdrose{A^S} smiles and admires the powerful bird
Algol walks up to Stelth..and motions the slaves to approach.
ysanne takes her sister's hand and walks slowly forward.
Algol Yes, Stelth and I bonded a long time ago.. and I hope it lasts.
rdrose{A^S} steps forward, directly towards Master Algol, remembering how her father taught her to approach
ysanne On Urth we call the bonding being is what a falconer does with his bird.
Algol tosses a bundle up to the saddle, pulls a rope ladder down..
Algol nods to ysanne.. I know the technique..its used on slaves here..the lack of sleep
ysanne watches him, her eyes alight, hardly daring to hope.
ysanne Yes, Master...exactly.
ysanne thinks that Master Algol is very wise.
Algol climbs up, considers.. fine.. both of you can sit in front of me.
Algol reaches down, and lifts them up, and settles them..
Algol straps them all in..
ysanne looks at rdrose with a smile.
rdrose{A^S} smiles as she feels the strength of the great tarn beneath her and takes a deep breath
Algol settles the kajiras, and lifts the rein ring..he nudges Stelth
ysanne reaches out one hand, and pats the tarn tentatively.
Stelth walks heavily out to a stretch of street..with a fountain at the end.
ysanne tries to get used to the gait of the tarn...she is swaying...
ysanne Master...what is the wingspan of a tarn?
rdrose{A^S} heart beats strong and fast anticipating the swift rise of the great war tarn
Algol It varies with age..but Stelth is aboout 45 feet.
ysanne thinks that if she could whistle, she would now.
ysanne How old were you, Master, when you bonded with Stelth?
Stelth starts a long takeoff run...brushing townspeople aside.
ysanne holds on to rdrose and feels herself begin to laugh...
ysanne This one thinks she just saw Master Rsvp...
Algol I was... (Algol lifts on the reins..) I was.. its a long story...will tell you later.
ysanne nods and concentrates on holding on.
Stelth lifts off, skims over the fountain, and knocks two merchants into the water.
Algol curses, I think the damn bird actually enjoys doing that.././
rdrose{A^S} feels the wind begin to rush past her face...whipping her hair back...
ysanne This one KNEW she saw Master Rsvp!!!
rdrose{A^S} oh Master Algol, this is wonderful, just as a girl remembers
Stelth lifts, circling..and the slaves see the lights of Port Kar gleamin thru the mist.
rdrose{A^S} shouts over her shoulder
Algol points.. look, there, the bazaar... and there, the Fountain of Dark Delights..
ysanne who is bare-breasted, feels her skin begin to prickle in the cold wind of Stelth's flight.
Stelth climbs slowly..hissing a bit about the extra weight.
rdrose{A^S} oooh, this one never went for a night flight, the lights are beautiful from up here
ysanne It is...unbelievable, sister.
Algol pulls the cloak from his pack, and wraps the three of them in it.
ysanne laughs and snuggles her chin into the warm cloak.
Stelth climbs up thru a thin layer of cloud, and breaks out above into the moonslight.
rdrose{A^S} leans her head back against Master Algol's chest...reveling in the freedom of the tarns flight
ysanne Ohhhh...sister!
Algol gestures... points.. see, over there.. the snowcapped mountains of Thentis..
ysanne Is it as it was when you were a child? Is it as magical?
Algol and there, the black mountains of sardar.. but we will not go there.
rdrose{A^S} eyes water, and she is not sure if it is the wind or her heart that brings the tears to her eyes
Algol laughs with joy as Stelth skims just above the the light of the three moons..
ysanne who has been only on the plains of Turia, can hardly believe the sights she is seeing.
rdrose{A^S} yes, tarns have difficulty flying near the Sardar Mountains
Algol kisses the necks of the slaves.. "This is my world! And I love it!
ysanne turns her head and squeezes rdrose's hand. She knows about fathers...
Algol hugs them, enjoying their pleasure.
ysanne Master...your is overwhelming...
Algol nudges Stelth, who turns to the east...towards the mountains...and a valley.
ysanne turns to look at Master Algol, and there are tears of joy in her eyes.
Algol I love the night.. my black tarn.. and.. he grins.. these black leathers I wear.
rdrose{A^S} notices the smooth turns as the tarn swoops and glides...he is a well trained tarn
Stelth enters a deep, narrow valley, still climbing.
Algol points, up there.. that ledge, is where stelth was hatched..
ysanne On Urth a Berkut can swoop at two hundred miles per hour...
Algol He keeps a harem of four wild tarns there now..
ysanne One hates to think of what a tarn could do.
ysanne Are there...are there any eggs, Master?
Algol nods.. I only know that its hard to stay a vertical dive at max.
Algol No eggs now.. in fact , the tarns are probably out hunting.
rdrose{A^S} laughs, it is hard to stay on in a mild vertical dive
Stelth swoops low, skimming over a glacier, shining in the moonslight.
ysanne thought even flying straight was a challenge. :(
ysanne shivers, but cannot stop smiling.
Algol smiles. sensing the thoughts of his lovely passengers.
ysanne Master Algol...this was a gift.
Algol hugs them close, then pays attention to guidance.
ysanne The finest this one has received since she arrived on Gor.
Stelth circles up... slows...cupping his wings..
rdrose{A^S} Master Algol, this girl is ever so grateful, it is even more wonderful than she remembered
Algol looks wide awake now.. tense.
ysanne searches the sky with her eyes, watching the stars fly past.
ysanne Is something amiss, Master?
Stelth lowers his feet...
Algol No, ysanne.. we are going to try to land on the ledge..
rdrose{A^S} takes a deep breath...bracing herself for the landing
Stelth beats his wings backwards.. slows..drops..hits..skids..runs...
ysanne looks down with widening eyes.
Stelth slides to a stop....about six feet from the end of the ledge.
Algol grins.. We made it!
rdrose{A^S} pulls the cloak up around her face to block the flying dust and debris kicked up during the landing
ysanne coughs and beats her hands around her face.
Algol throws his legs over..and slides down.
rdrose{A^S} turns and leans up to kiss Master Algol's cheek
Algol holds his arms up..and lifts the kajiras to the ground.
ysanne is speechless and shaken...almost too happy to bear it.
ysanne Master...for this kindness, a girl is forever in your debt.
rdrose{A^S} slides to the ground...her legs trembling slightly and remembers to step softly
ysanne slides after gracefully as she can.
Algol turns.. and they look out across the valley... seeing a 3000 foot drop..then the plain, and Port Kar far away.
Algol puts an arm around each kajira.. and they stand quietly for a moment.
Stelth snorts...
rdrose{A^S} walks to the edge of the ledge and looks out across the moonlit valley
Algol turns.. pulls a parcel from the saddle, and pats Stelth....Yes..go good bird.., go.
ysanne hangs back, her arms wrapped around her body, her long dark hair fluttering around her face.
Stelth walks to the edge, looks back, and drops from sight.
Algol There is a cave over there, I have fixed it up...a fire place, some hangings..but tis a fine night.
rdrose{A^S} blinks as the bird takes off and goes to feed... swooping down, then lifting up into the moonlit sky
Algol spreads a fur over some dense ferns..
ysanne smiles at Master Algol, thinking he has thought of everything.
Algol sit, small slaves.. and enjoy this peaceful place.
Algol grins.. Stelth should come back when I whistle..he almost always does.
ysanne sits down on the furs, her knees tucked under her chin.
rdrose{A^S} kneels at the edge of the furs...enjoying the fresh air, the softness of the furs against her skin...her heart still pounding from the excitement of flight
Algol sits, and motions the slaves closer.. a chill wind drifts across from the glacier.
Algol I used to live up here... this was my home.
Algol I used to steal....ummm.... liberate... slaves from bad masters...and sell them to good ones.
rdrose{A^S} slides across the furs and nestles close to Master Algol feeling his warmth...
Algol It was a kind of public service.
ysanne feels her teeth begin to chatter...she should have worn more than a square of silk knotted around her hips and a length of chain....
Algol ysanne..close here.. find some warmth..
rdrose{A^S} Master Algol, the view up here is beautiful...much like a girl remembers from Thentis
Algol lifts his large travelling cloak, and wraps it round the three of them.
ysanne crawls across the furs and nestles close to Master Algol...she enjoys the feel of his body behind hers.
Algol Yes, rdrose.. I love the high places
ysanne And the scent of the wind...nothing like the plains of Turia...
ysanne looks at rdrose and Master Algol and wrinkles her nose.
ysanne Nothing but bosk-dung there.
Algol smiles.. sometimes.. a warrior climbs up here..
ysanne Up HERE? It is too steep, this one thinks.
rdrose{A^S} from the looks of that cliff, it would be a very difficult climb
Algol oh, some brave ones make it.
ysanne Brave...or foolish.
Master LoneKnight joins the group on the ledge LoneKnight Tal All!
Algol looks up..Tal LoneKnight...welcome!
rdrose{A^S} greetings Master LoneKnight
ysanne closes her mouth abruptly, before she can say anything else.
Algol Join us here among the ferns..
Algol tis a fine night!
LoneKnight looks to ysanne..
ysanne Master...this one is amazed that you have climbed to this high place.
LoneKnight greetings rdrose{A^S}
ysanne This one was just saying
ysanne That only the bravest and strongest would dare such a climb.
LoneKnight So here you are ysanne....
ysanne blushes.
ysanne Yes, Master...
Algol Well climbed, Lone.. we came on my tarn, much easier.
LoneKnight Great view here Brother Algol
ysanne This one left the castle...and rode upon a tarn.
LoneKnight Good workout for the upper body, this climbing...
Algol Yes, you can see Port Kar..over there.
Algol grins..
ysanne edges out from beneath the great travelling cloak and goes to stand meekly beside Master LoneKnight.
Algol nudges rdrose... I think these two have some relationship.
rdrose{A^S} smiles and nods
ysanne This one hopes Master is not angry...that this one has come away on this adventure.
LoneKnight smiles at them both...
ysanne turns red and stares earnestly at the sky.
rdrose{A^S} Stelth seems to respond very well to a light touch on the rein straps Master Algol
LoneKnight No ysanne, I am not angry... There is so much to see...
Algol looks at LoneKnight... I enjoy showing the slaves who only see taverns for long times.
ysanne goes to kneel before Master Algol.
LoneKnight She told me brother, and I thank you for showing it to her...
ysanne Your kindness, Master...has taken away the breath of this girl.
Algol nods... pleased.
ysanne She never thought to even see a tarn...much less fly with one.
Algol grins, I honor collars.. even some who have no collar that I can see.
ysanne bows her head.
LoneKnight nods to Algol in respect...
Algol bites a cork from a bottle.. rdrose, give LoneKnight a drink..heres a cup.
ysanne Master Algol, what will Stelth hunt?
rdrose{A^S} yes Master Algol...
Algol Stelth..oh.. any small things.. bosk.. goats.. small beggars..
LoneKnight chuckles...
ysanne kneels beside her sister and stretches out her hand.
ysanne Perhaps...this one should serve, sister.
Algol I think perhaps you should, ysanne...
rdrose{A^S} polishes the cup with the hem of her silks then hands the cup to her sister with a smile
ysanne Master Algol...there are some small beggars in S & S who might make a delicious meal.
Stelth screeches past in a long dive..looking to see who is on his ledge.
ysanne smiles at rdrose and gratefully receives the cup from her.
Algol SS...good.. Stelth had pretty well cleared out the plaza out front there.
rdrose{A^S} ooh, Master Algol, Stelth looks almost like the legendary Ubar of the Sky
ysanne reaches for the bottle and carefully fills the cup. She kisses the rim tenderly and then hands it to Master LoneKnight.
LoneKnight gently takes the goblet from ysanne, slightly brushing her fingers as he does. Lifting it to his mouth, he takes a sip. his eyes never leaving ysanne ......
Algol grins.. he's just a war tarn..but a good one..with the urge to kill.
ysanne lowers her eyes out of respect, but the blood fires beneath her skin.
Algol sobers.. I wrote a small poem....about the tarnsmen..will see if I can show you all.
LoneKnight Ah.. Refreshing... This is what I needed after that climb...
ysanne Master...perhaps this one has read a poem of yours...
rdrose{A^S} searches in the satchel Master Algol brought and finds another cup...polishing it gently with the hem of her silks...she lifts the bottle and fills the cup for Master Algol...then sets the bottle to the side...
ysanne reaches across to take the empty cup.
ysanne Master, will you have more?
LoneKnight As is your face ysanne is refreshing too...
Algol recites
Epitaph for the mercenary tarnsmen of Gor
These, in the day when Ar was falling,
The hour when Gor's foundations fled,
Followed their mercenary calling;
Took their wages and are dead.
With tarns they held the sky suspended;
They stood, and Ar's foundations stay;
What Kings abandoned, these defended,
And saved the sum of things.. for pay.
Algol, a tarnsman

Algol smiles.. a bit gloomy, but that was my mood.
ysanne No, is true as steel.
LoneKnight Well said brother....
Algol smiles softly..
Algol opens another bottle, and takes a long drink, remembering.
rdrose{A^S} places a wreath of feather light kisses about the rim, smiling she remembers her devotion to truth, honor, and loving service as she gently lifts the cup in her trembling hands...and says
rdrose{A^S} may this drink quench your thirst and may this girl's humble service please and honor you, as you have blessed her with the joy of flight this night Master Algol
Algol kisses rdrose.. pleased with her..and takes the offered cup.
LoneKnight hands the cup to ysanne, yet not quite letting go....
LoneKnight smiles to her..
ysanne looks at him, and wonders if he can see the thoughts in her mind.
ysanne Master Algol...that poem was like a battle...each strike true.
LoneKnight sees past her eyes and looks into her very being...
ysanne Nothing in excess...
Algol I confess, I take the thoughts and words of others..and bend them to my purpose.
ysanne swallows hard and turns her head away, her long hair veiling her eyes.
ysanne And yet...such a seamless blending, Master Algol.
Algol more..very short..
rdrose{A^S} listens intently
ysanne You honour us, Master.
LoneKnight Yes brother, another...
Algol recites
" A Young Tarnsman"
Laughing through clouds, his blood still unshed,
Cities and men he smote; far overhead.
His deaths delivered, he returned to play,
Enjoyed his kajira; forgot the day.

ysanne reaches her hand across and twines her fingers around Master LoneKnight's hand.
Algol gives rdrose a hug...remembering far back in time.
ysanne Master...on Urth...there were poems of ancient bards like these.
LoneKnight accepts her hand and holds onto it...
Algol nods, I cannot read or write..but I like the sound of some words.
rdrose{A^S} smiles a bittersweet smile...a true reckoning of the heart of a young warrior...
LoneKnight And those words sound true and meaningful
ysanne For centuries, men have relied on memory to preserve history...the sound of words...
ysanne Reading and writing are not the skills of a poet.
Algol chuckles.. "History...a lie agreed upon"
ysanne smiles.
rdrose{A^S} one who has tasted the thrill of the victory, but not yet felt the sting of the sword
LoneKnight lifts ysanne up to him and draws her near his warmth...
LoneKnight How true brother, how true...
ysanne folds her arms around his neck and smiles...for a moment her eyes fall closed as if she dreams.
Algol sits quietly with rdrose.. he likes some things about Gor..
LoneKnight turns to ysanne and places a light kiss upon her cheek...
Algol I used to live up here, Knight.. for some years.
ysanne Master Algol, this one cannot help but notice the easy companionship between yourself and her sister.
LoneKnight It is nice here Algol. I can see why you like it so...
ysanne You must know each other well.
Algol smiles.. yes, I know rose and her good master very well indeed.
ysanne Sister, you are the slave of Master Sorth?
rdrose{A^S} Master Algol has been a good friend since she found her way to highcastle
Algol Although he does have a tendency to almost kill me from time to time.
rdrose{A^S} yes Master Sorth owns this girl....
ysanne smiles.
rdrose{A^S} smiles and giggles
ysanne Master Algol, it would seem, is a good friend to many.
Algol Her master likes to try out new attacks on friends..
rdrose{A^S} well, he wouldn't do that if you would remember not to use his name in the same sentence with the name of a weapon
Algol whaps rose.. Algol accepts no restrictions on his speech or actions..
rdrose{A^S} he has managed to frighten a few slaves who were not careful about their choice of drinking vessels
rdrose{A^S} ouch
rdrose{A^S} giggle
LoneKnight lol I remember that night... Sorth killed almost everyone who was not aware.....
rdrose{A^S} lol
Algol yes, except the damned vampire, Magenta..who needed killing..
rdrose{A^S} this girl is very careful not to mention his name when she describes his goblet with a dagger on the side
LoneKnight Did she ever die?
Algol You know, the stake does not kill the vampires.. it just keeps them from sitting up.
LoneKnight chuckle...
rdrose{A^S} giggle
Algol No, she did not die, and still seeks me.
LoneKnight pulls ysanne closer...
Algol rdrose, shall we be nice, and leave those two here in this fine place?
Algol I am sure..well, pretty sure, Knight can carry her down.
LoneKnight shields her from the wind
rdrose{A^S} smiles and agrees, they would enjoy the moonlight, if he can keep her from slipping over the edge
Algol laughs..
rdrose{A^S} watch your step up here sister ysanne, the edge of the cliff can be dangerous
Algol fine.. LoneKnight, enjoy my other home here.. I will take rdrose on a small journey..some business.
ysanne Thank you, sister.
LoneKnight My thanks brother..
rdrose{A^S} be well Master LoneKnight
Algol rises.. and pulls a bundle from his pack..he shakes the fabric out on the grass.
LoneKnight Be well...
ysanne Be well...and thank you, Master Algol.
Algol straps on a strange harness.. and attaches it to a lot of small ropes.
rdrose{A^S} take care sister ysanne, if this one can ever be of help, just give her a shout
ysanne comes forward and hugs rdrose.
Algol tugs on the ropes, and the fabric lifts in the wind..inflating.
ysanne This one will remember, sister.
rdrose{A^S} watches, intrigued with what Master Algol is doing
Algol looks up... turns.. scoops up rdrose in his arms.. Tal...and enjoy..ysanne.
ysanne Thank you, Master.
LoneKnight watches as his flight cloth takes shape...
rdrose{A^S} waves goodbye
ysanne hardly knows what to make of it...
Algol walks to the edge, the fabric floating overhead.. and steps off into nothingness.
LoneKnight raises a hand to them both...
ysanne claps her hands in delight at the dramatic exit.
rdrose{A^S} aaaaaaaa
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