The Truth Cuts to the Soul

Every time I sing a song I cry for some sweet thing.
Every time I find again a strong remembering.
Every song I sing has magic hidden at it's core,
and every time it feels like it has not been sung before.

The truth is in each song, if you just look at what is there,
for there has never been one truth, but truths are everywhere,
and every song I sing does have a truth that cuts me deep,
otherwise these songs are not the ones that I would keep.

If you look at what I sing, then you will surely know,
the truths that I hide deep inside, which I will seldom show.
I cannot help but show my life, my soul and heart to all,
because I cannot sing without the clear and crystal call

to tell the truth within each song to all that want to hear,
even if I do not trust or do not like or fear
what they will say or do to me with knowledge of my soul,
because by listening to me, they hear and know it all..

And some will think me small and weak and not worth anything,
and some will laugh at what i say and my remembering,
and some will use the truths I tell, and bend them far away,
from what I see inside and with my songs to others say.

And some will trample all my songs, and with that hurt my soul.
I've seen all this but still will not stop showing truths to all,
because if someone smiles or cries at what I had to say,
then maybe all the pain was not for nothing anyway.

So if you hate my singing, do not tell me, but just leave
I cannot help it that you cannot see what I believe.
So please be gentle with this heart, that's open o, so wide,
because what would my songs be like, if all I do is hide?



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