The Warmth of a Woman

She smiles up at you from within your embrace,
sometimes she's wild, and you know her grace,
you see the bright light shining up from her face,
Bask in the warmth of a woman.

You know she is shy, she looks at the ground,
you feel her heart shake, in your arms that surround,
you know that to you with love she is bound.
Win the warmth of a woman.

She always has a teasing glint in her eyes,
always she will have for you a surprise,
she'll never do things in the same way twice.
Wonder at the warmth of a woman.

She has the round flesh of your mother's charms,
with her you feel safe as in your mother's arms,
she'll always be here, never do you harm.
Safe in the warmth of a woman.

Her beauty is radiant, it lightens the place,
you dream of her body, her laugh, her embrace,
but you come no closer, just look at her face.
Dream of the warmth of a woman.

She writhes and she moans and for pity she cries,
but you hold the reigns, it's you who decides,
when you think it right, you let go, and she flies.
Reign the warmth of a woman.



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