Styles of Whipping

As a slave girl, this one has experienced whippings and has learned there is more than one experience to be had. Girl's Master directed her to write her thoughts on the types of whippings a girl might experience.

The one most often perceived is the punishment whipping. Strokes are applied to a slave for having been displeasing, and applied to inflict a painful lesson. She is being punished for her actions, to give her a lasting reminder of what is expected and the penalty to be paid for transgressions. Punishment whippings are avoided by this girl to the best of her ability. Not so much because the lashes are any more severe than others, but because each lash of the whip carries with it the displeasure and disappointment of her Master. Punishment strokes quickly bring a girl to tears. At the end of punishment a girl crawls to her Master, expresses remorse and begs him to allow her to remain in his service and please him again.

The next form of whipping tyki has experiences is the ritualized whipping of discipline. It is most often used when tyki feels herself faltering in knowing her place or becoming more casual in her responses. Master uses discipline whipping to help a girl focus on who and what she is; to help reinforce that she is held under strict discipline. Again, the lashes are not overly cruel or harsh. Within a discipline whipping a girl may be required to count the strokes and recall the tenets of her discipline and submission. At the end of such a whipping a girl joyfully kisses her Master’s feet, grateful for having her focus centered again on being a submitted slave at her Master’s feet. She knows she has submitted to his discipline and finds a great relief from reaffirming this submission and surrender to his discipline. Not just at the end of his whip, but his discipline in all things.

The third form of whipping is one for Master’s pleasure, the sensual whipping. This form of whipping may actually take the longest to complete. In fact this form of whipping can appear to be an erotic dance performed by Master and slave. The various strokes land as chorus of thuds and stings. A girl speaks of this form from the receiving perspective because those are her experiences.

For this one, a sensual whipping begins with Master positioning her as it pleases him, whether bound to a cross or commanded to a whipping position she knows she is held there by His will. The warmth of His hand seeps into her being as He familiarizes Himself again with the unmarked flesh of his property, the canvas upon which He will create tonight. She feels a chill as He steps back. He begins with light strokes with a slapper or a “thuddy” flogger. Her flesh softens and warms as it responds to the strokes. A girl focuses on the sensations trying not to anticipate but only to focus on each stroke, how its effect spreas across her flesh or resounds within her being.

As her flesh pinks, Master turns to some stingier devices, or swings the floggers a bit quicker, intensifying the “sting” factor. A girl’s body responds to the heightened sensations, the cheeks of her ass rippling with clenches, rising up on tiptoes as a sting spreads across her upper thighs, her back arching as a solid thud drives up into the sweet cleft between ass and thighs and into her core. Her awareness of each sensation intensifies as endorphin levels rise. Master orchestrates the dance, more sting to see her curves dance and squirm, thuds to slow things a bit and bring her into a quiet zone, the crack of the single tail startling, its kiss more of a bite returning to dancing on tiptoes. Master draws from His girl the dance he desires, mixing in the warmth of His touch. Her being is engulfed in an endorphin rush of well-being. Strokes which would have drawn blood-curdling screams of wails before, draw forth moans of pleasure as she surrenders to the dance her Master draws from her. In full surrender, a girl has cum from such a whipping without having a single stroke applied to her sex. It is a sensual, sensuous release of the raw animal surrender within.

Upon release from such a whipping, girl is usually rather awkward. You might think she were drunk, indeed she is in an altered state and not seeing clearly. She has surrendered fully and put her safety and well-being in the Master of the dance, she is openly vulnerable. Her flesh flushed, reddened, welted, He has marked His canvas well as he directed the dance.

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