Thoughts and Warnings

While there are many differences between being a submissive and being a true slave , the slave fire can be felt by both. On a side note slave fire and slave's heat are two different types of feelings. Also, many times one will cause the other to ignite but you can survive with slave fire and not have sexual contact.

There are beliefs that sometimes girls who are in danger of loosing their slave fire act out badly in hopes of keeping that spark which makes them feel again. Many in Gor would call them subbie -brats and are not true slaves. That is only something the one kneeling can determine is if she is a true slave or just playing the role.

It should be obvious to one's self if you are loosing your slave fire, when you no longer feel that deep down tingling, burning or churning inside. If that burning deep down stops for any reason, or is missing for a period of time, it is time to start back at the basics of what makes you a Kajira and what makes the Free that you serve? Have you lost your slave fire??

If you are in danger of loosing your slave fire, decide if being a slave is totally and truly what you want and are. If so then be honest with those around you about how their actions, reactions to you make you feel. It is very hard thing to tell your Master or Mistress that you feel unloved or ignored , it may even come off as sounding like you are whining but for your own inner well-being it has to be told to them. If the Ko`lar ( collar) comes off and or is offended by your honesty then ask was it really a good relationship to begin with? Also remember you need to be totally honest with the one who owns you, you hide nothing from them.

Some Warning Signs are :

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