In the languages of GOR the word "Homestone" is of critical understanding. Indeed, without a firm understanding of the word and the concept, the visitor is in mortal danger.

In Gorean, the term GOR means "Homestone." The planet itself is, quite literally, the Homestone of its people. Further, each and every Gorean who has not been outlawed has a "Homestone," with slaves taking the Homestone of their owners. If freed, slaves can again claim the Homestone of their birth. Although it is not unknown for a person to change Homestones, it is extremely rare. Since city warfare is common on Gor, those that change Homestones are often suspect and those who are newly arrived on Gor are cautioned that declaring the wrong "Homestone" might prove as fatal as not having one. Nevertheless, newcomers on Gor will need to find a City and declared for it. Outlaws, those without a Homestone, are not even welcome on Port Kar any more.

As Bluto of Treve has said "a HomeStone is the physical, spiritual, social and emotional anchor of a Gorean. It is a the place a FreePerson owes loyalty, fealty and honor.. for most it is the place of their birth.. for others it is an adopted home...for a peasant it is no more than a rock in his hut, but each defends his HomeStone with his life."


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