Slavery on Gor

Excerpted from John Norman's Gorean Sagas

Earth girls have a reputation on Gor of being among the lowest and hottest of slaves. There are doubtless various reasons for this. Perhaps one is that Earth girls are alien to Gor and have no Home Stones. They are thus subjected to unmitigated predation and total domination. They are slave animals, completely. Gorean men, accordingly, treat them as such. In turn, of course, their womanhood is reborn and blossoms, as it can only in a situation in which the order of nature both obtains and flourishes.

A second reason, I suspect, why Earth girls make such astoundingly desirable slaves is their backgrounds. In their native environment they encounter few but psychologically and sexually crippled men, men whose merest intuitions of their blood rights are likely to be reproductively conditioned, internally administered shock and anxieties, or externally administered sanctions of censorship, suppression, ridicule and denunciation, imposed by those who are perhaps only a bit more rigid and fearful than themselves. In such a world, largely the ideological products of superstition and hysteria, it is difficult for manhood to exist, even dormantly. Accordingly, when an Earth female finds herself translated to Gor, she finds herself for the first time in the presence of large numbers of men to whom nature and power are not anathema. Moreover, she is likely to find herself belonging to them. Beyond this, of course, is the culture itself, for all its possible defects and faults, which is one which has been constructed to be congenial to the natural biological order, and neither antithetical nor contradictory to it. The culture has not suppressed the biotruths of human nature, but found a place for them.

The culture is a setting which transforms and enhances the simplicities and rudenesses of nature, enabling her and exalting her, lending her glory and articulation, refining her, fulfilling her, rather than as a sewer and a trap, in which she is kept half starved and chained.

An example of this sort of thing is the institution of female slavery. It is clearly founded on, and expressive of, the order of nature, but what a wonder has civilization wrought here, elevating and transforming what is in effect a genetically coded biological datum, males' domination and females' submission, into a complex, historically developed institution, with its hundreds of aspects and facets, legal, social, and aesthetic. What a contrast is a beautiful, vended girl, branded and collared, desiring a master and trained to please, kneeling before her purchaser and kissing his whip, with a brutish female, cowering under her master's club at the back of his cave. And yet, of course both women are owned, and completely. But the former, the slave girl, is owned with all the power and authority of law. If anything, she is owned even more completely than her primitive forebearers. Civilization, as well as nature, collaborates in her bondage, sanctifying it and confirming it.

It is no wonder that the institution of slavery provides the human female, in all her sensitivities and vulnerabilities, in all her psychological complexities, with the deepest fulfillment and the most exquisite emotion she can know.flower

Another reason that Earth girls make such astoundingly desirable slaves is that they have been, in their Earth years, subjected in effect to sexual and emotional starvation. They have labored in a fruitless desert, often not even understanding the causes of their unhappiness, of their misery and frustration. Confused, they have lashed out at themselves and others, ultimately profitlessly and meaninglessly. Translated to Gor, encountering true men in large numbers, in overwhelming numbers, so different from the crippled males of Earth, finding themselves in an exotic environment, and participating in a culture markedly different from their own, and in many respects both fearful and beautiful, and founded on the order of nature, they find themselves, in effect, restored to love. The Gorean girl knows that such joys can exist, though she may or may not have experienced them. The Earth girl commonly did not know that such joys truly could exist. Only in her troubled sleep, perhaps, did the Earth girl dream of a slaver's noose or the harsh, flat stones of the dungeon on which she is forced to kneel.

Generalized Rules for Slaves

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